12 to 3...again  

Is it just me or does the new format make it seem like we are still in the audition phase? Well, whatever is going on, it is taking FOREVER! I want the old format back.

One thing that I am looking forward to is the group number tonight with Scott. Is that wrong?

Simon should just shave his head because that haircut is TERRIBLE!

The bad thing about the hour long results show is that it's 10% good stuff and 90% filler. I really bad thing is that I'm live blogging so I can't fast forward!

They are singing to Katy Perry's "Hot and Cold"

OMG!!!! I have to watch that again!!!! Hold on!!!!

That has got to be the BEST (worst) group sing EVER!!! Since Scott is blind, they decided to have all the guys sit on one of the couches for most of the song. Actually, Scott stays seated the entire time. Does this mean that they just sat there and sang? NOOOOO! They had moves they had to do like all crossing their legs, snapping their fingers, all looking one way and then looking the other. OMG! I am going to save this and burn it to a DVD. It was pure cheesy gold!!! I laughed harder then I did during Nick/Normund! Once the video is up, I'm posting it here.

Why the hell didn't the girl in the "Special Idol Moment" make it? That was a great version of the Jefferson's theme.

Lil is asked to stand. Well, that's a switch having the shoe-in first. And she is in the top 12. Duh.

Arania, Taylor, Alex, Kendall and Scott are all asked to stand. One of them is in the top 12. We find out after the break. (Psst! It's Scott.)

We're back and Arianna is out. Taylor is out. Alex is out. Kendell is out. Scott is in. Duh.

At least they are keeping the one that is up in the air until last.

Scott needs a new hairdo and a cool pair of shades.

Kristen and Nate are up together and they are down together. Bye bye Nate!

Felicia and Von are asked to stand and they are told no.

Ju'Not and Jorge are called to the center of the stage. After Ryan's recaps Jorge is in the top 12!

It's only 8:40 so they must be announcing show is going to be on tomorrow's show.

Ryan says that all the people in the red room have a shot at the wild card as well as all the people on the couches. That's odd. I just double checked and Idol is scheduled for a one hour show tomorrow. I KNOW that all of those people can't sing in an hour. I looked at the people in the red room and I saw NICK!!!!!! YAY!!!!

We're back. The remaining three spots are going to be picked by the judges tomorrow. Out of all the people in the red room (which looks like almost everyone), the judges are going to pick 8 that are going to perform tomorrow.

Randy picks Von!!!! Good! I liked him!
Kara picks Jasmine.
Paula picks Ricky! Who runs to Ryan.
Simon picks Megan (arm tattoo girl).

Randy picks Tatianna!!!!!!! OMG!!! She can't even speak!
Kara picks Matt G. I know a lot of people that will be happy about that.
Paula picks Jesse.
Simon picks Anoop! Finally!! I've typed his name four times already and had to erase it. Anoop-dogg in the house!

I'm sad that we won't see Nick again. Who will you miss?

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I'm glad Anoop's back, but I kind of figured he would be. He's too popular for them to pass him up. I think (and hope) he makes the Top 12.

That group performance was awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome!

It's weird. I was actually starting to like Nate. When he isn't crying he has a really likable personality.

Alex was robbed, but no surprise there, since people didn't like his performance for some odd reason.

Even though Nick's gone from the competition, he holds the distinction of being the first contestant who successfully satirized the show on its own stage. His lone performance will live on forever!

I like 5 of the 8 Wild Card selections.

Tatiana, Von and Matt G. are taking up space. Those slots should have gone to Felicia, Ann Marie and either Kai or Mishavonna in the third slot.

If the show wants drama (and they do), they should have brought Nick/Norman back; at least he's funny and not just a drama queen.