"I put stars on the boobs"  

It's the first night of Hell Week on American Idol. I had a dream about it last night. I think I need to start doing something else with my time. Anyway, I thought about this cool opening I was going to write weaving in different Hell Week stories like how they used to have to right their own songs, the Brittinam Twins, Michael Johns, and how God only likes good people but I forgot most of it when I woke up. Well, on with the show.

They open with dramatic clips and dramatic music. One of these kids will be your next American Idol. Not sure what happened to the theater they have used in the past but this year they aren't using it. They are using the Kodak Theatre. Does this mean they are using a different place for the finale this year? Kinda anti-climatic to go back to the stage you started on. Oh well, what do I know.

Simon starts by saying that all they are looking for is a star while Paula does the hustle by herself.

Ryan then tells us about Idol Boot Camp. Thank goodness! Since the stylists are on the scene, I can watch in HD! I guess I'll have to do that tomorrow. I was running late tonight and didn't have time to set the computer up in the bedroom (that's where the fancy TV is located). Barry Manilow showed up to scare all the kids and warn them against the dangers of too much plastic surgery. ust kidding, he just gives them a pep talk about going after your dreams.

It's the line-up again this year. The contestants come out and sing. They are either asked to stick around or told to go home.

First up is Lil Rounds. Right off the bat she tries to do Whitney and we're all left to wonder if she's ever watched the show. You DO NOT sing Whitney unless you are forced. She is not doing nice things to my ears. But the judges loved her. Maybe it was better in person.

The next dude is worse in my book and the judges. Simon doesn't like his face. Lil is in. The other dude is out but not going away. It's rather embarrassing...poor guy.

Sounds like the next bunch of people didn't do that well and we don't get to hear any of them.

The next group starts with a guy that breaks down and cries about bursting skin. Anoop's in the house!!!!! I love this guy!!! He's funny and my early favorite. A pretty girl is red is excellent. They do a back story about Rose who I think is the orphan. I really liked her. She's different. This entire line makes it which included Jason Castro's brother who's hair is now a new color.

The next group includes Von who over sang in his audition but made it anyway. This group also included the guy from Puerto Rico with the big eyebrows. Simon didn't like Von but I heard that he made the top 36 so I'm not getting my hopes up that he's going home...and he stays.

Guess what?!? It's time for the part about picking the right song. I know this is not the last time we will hear that.

Norman Gentle is up for comedy relief. He was pretty entertaining and pulled it out in the end. He can sing. OMG! Randy pulled out "Banoodles"! Mia Michaels would be so proud...or mortified...that her word was still being used almost a year later. Norman makes it!

The first half of the Hollywood hopefuls are done. Now it's time for the sightseers to take their turn. The second half is the lucky group because at least they got to see something other than the theater and the airport.

I'm glad Ford isn't taking any bailout money. They may have had to give up their Idol tie-in. I'm not sure what I would do without the cheesy Ford commercials!

This year's Amanda Overmyer (Jackie) wears an ugly shirt and a fanny pack but her hair is only one color. I deem her not as entertaining.

The widower and his friend get more camera time...and they both make it.

Bikini Girl is up after the break. I didn't like her then and I don't like her now. She make it for now but I don't think she makes it to the top 36.

Rocker, Emily, is bitten by the "bad song choice" bug. I heard it through the grapevine that she doesn't make it to the top 36 becuase of a DUI.

In the end, 104 make it on to the next round which is tomorrow!!! See you then!

(I'm going to try to revive my idea of using a funny quote from the show as a blog title. I seem to remember that it's easier to do in the earlier rounds. You know, before they weed out the crazies. This blog title is by Bikini Girl.)

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You like Anoop too? Awesome! We need to get him into the Top 12! I seriously thought he sounded the best out of all the people we heard today.

I kind of liked Jackie, but I could live without her. She seems funny, though.


Bikini Girl will last as long as Sanjya (and for the same reasons) American Idol needs someone for us to root against.


I can't believe I let myself read all that! It doesn't start here for another 45 minutes. Ah well...I almost always peek at Christmas presents too!