"Have you ever met Satan?"  

It's day two of Hollywood Week and that means Group Numbers!!!! The group numbers are known to be big hot messes and I love them! It's really where you start figuring out who you like and who you don't like. While the vast majority of group numbers are either boring or train wrecks, there is one group number during Hollywood Week that stands out. That is Chris Sligh's group number from Season 6. Here it is for your enjoyment!

According to Ryan, this is the most drama during group numbers ever. Well, he didn't say it like that but close enough. From the clips, it looks like a number of groups are going the Chris Sligh route. That's even better than drama.

There's lots of cutting back and forth between groups. Some are doing well (Widower Group) and some are doing bad (Annoying Laugh Girl Group). Annoying Laughing Girl is turning into Annoying Crying Girl right before our eyes. She's bossy and the rest of her group hates her. One of them calls her Satan.

After the break, it's not long until the tears start. Girls cry at 3am...and so do gay guys that wear headbands. It went like this: drama, drama, switching groups, drama, switching back, anger, drama, drama, yelling, fighting, tears, insults, tears, giving up, fighting, and more tears. Commercial.

Bikini Girl gave up. I actually felt just a tad sorry for her. Okay, the feeling has passed because she changed her mind and is not quitting. She is screwing her team. Oh well, I already know she doesn't make it.

Dollhouse looks AWESOME!!! I Love Joss!!!

It's time! The judges let them know that if they forget the words...they're out!

White Chocolate does an awesome job and sets the bar really high. The whole group makes it.

The next group doesn't seem to have a name and completely forgets ALL of the words. The guys make it, the girls don't.

Action Squad starts out good with Alex but then goes crashing downhill a million miles an hour. Alex and one of the girls makes it but the other guy and Emily are history. (Emily is the one that might have a DUI problem, that's the rumor anyway.) Emily goes away crying and the guy that's out thinks that Paula is evil. I think he might be insane.

They fly through a bunch of boring/bad groups.

Widower Group knocks it out of the park! Right up there with Chris Sligh. They all make it.

Now they go through a couple of groups that are awesome. I wish they kept them separate.

Team Diva (Bikini Girl and Rose plus two others) isn't that great and only one of them makes it. Rose and the other girl that doesn't make it, stop to hug the one that did as Bikini Girl walks right off the stage and says nothing to any of them. Good and Bye, goodbye!

Annoying Girl's Group didn't do too bad but Annoying Girl is annoying anyway but all of them are safe and are moving on to the next round. I think that Annoying Girl needs to be shot...now!

The last team had big problems that ending up sending only one of them home. Nancy was a bitch and got sent home.

At the end of Group day, 75 people are still in it to win it.

Next week, we find out who the top 36 are for sure. Until then, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!

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I'll say this for Tatiana AKA Annoying Girl: Never has psychosis looked so cute.

That Chris Sligh/Blake Lewis/Rudy Cardenas/Thomas Lowe "How Deep is Your Love" is still the best Hollywood group performance ever! Rudy's hilarious cheesy dancing during the chorus even adds some humor to it!

The Emily thing isn't a rumour. She actually had to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet. I'm sure that had something to do with her being kicked out. And because she's not that good.