"I Just Found Out That Paula Gave Me A Standing Ovation, I Didn't See That"  

The end of Hollywood week is close at hand but there are still more tears to shed so let's get on with it!

Ryan recaps the madness that was Group Day!!! That was awesome.

During this show, the contestants get to perform with a band, back-up singers, and playing an instrument if they want to. Can I just say, What the heel is Kara wearing? It looks like something that Paula would have worn in one of her videos from back in the day. They only thing she's missing are the lace, fingerless gloves. And Ryan is dressed like Mister Rogers.

The show is a mix of cuts of the judges sorting through pictures making the cuts, the kids performing, and the kids waiting. It was kinda annoying trying to blog. It won't be the first time this year that an Idol episode annoys me or the last.

The first "guy" up for the day is Adam and he slows down a Cher song. Interesting. He makes noise when he breathes in and it's a little distracting. I think his performance is a little over the top and theatrical.

Matt is next and playing the keyboard to "Georgia" and I LIKE THIS GUY! I'll have to keep my eye on this guy! He gets a standing-O from everyone but Simon, of course.

Guess what, we get to see the Widower and his little buddy again. I am shocked. Gillian is up first and he isn't as good as the others we've seen so far. Paula and Kara seemed to love it. The skipper calls it amazing. Widower is up next and I think Paula is going to pee her pants (I should have said something else but I just couldn't bring myself to type it). I, however, am over the dude.

That H&R Block cyclops commercial is creepy and funny at the same time. I like the guy with glasses.

Anoop-dog sings Bobby Brown better than Bobby Brown.

Jorge gets Paula dancing.

Blind Scott get some pimp time before we see him. I wasn't impress.

Kendall is the first girl up and she picks "Before He Cheats". Why do they do that? She isn't very good compared to Carrie.

Stevie sounds pretty good.

Lil Rounds over sings.

Kristen rocks it!!

Missharama something or other is up with her second shot. I wasn't feeling it.

Annoying Laughing Girl get even more TV time...much more than I think she deserves.

Alexis sing Carrie Underwood too.

Cannon Fodder Kenny sings for two seconds.

Jasmine sings that STUPID "Tattoo" song by Jordan Sparks. Why do they let they sing those songs?

Nate is channeling an extra gay guitar playing Blake Lewis for his performance. I hope he makes it! Maybe he can show me how to wear a head band.

Joanna, one of this season's plant, get more TV time. She forgot her words...that's bad.

Casey struggles with that stupid "Tattoo" song.

Steven Fowler really fowls up...get it! You like how I did that? He asks to start over. He is singing an Idol song as well. He leave the stage without finishing...odd.

I just caught a glimpse of the necklace Paula is wearing, or should I call it a hubcap? I wonder if it spins.

Nick/Norman is up as Norman. I hope he makes it. I like him and I think he can sing.

Anne Marie sings a song a bunch of other people sang. I'm beginning to think that they only had a few songs to pick from. With that in mind, I blame the judges for putting Idol songs on the list. I'll forgive the contestants...for now.

Junot is from Maryland. I didn't like that version of that crappy song.

Kaylan get interrupted by Simon.

Lanessha get the last of her air time. The judges seem to like her but I'm not impressed.

Kai's voice was feeling the pressure.

The Oil Driller Dude has the understatement of the day. "American Idol means so much because it can make a difference for our family and for our future." Ya think? He sounds pretty good but I'm hating his shirt.

I'm guessing that room three gets the boot and the other ones stick around until tomorrow's Chair-O-Death Walk.

Room 2 makes it to tomorrow after the judges try to fake them out.

India was great in the group number but she's in room three and her solo was not very good.

Room 3 does NOT get to sit in the Chair-O-Death. The judges show mercy and they don't drag it out.

Room 1 is safe after the judges tease them.

Room 4 is the last room and they are safe
after the judges tease them...get a new shtick, guys. Annoying Laughing Girl makes a bee-line to Paula for a hug.

Tomorrow we see the judges mansion????

Blog Title: Blind Scott "I Just Found Out That Paula Gave Me A Standing Ovation, I Didn't See That"

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"An extra gay guitar-playing Blake Lewis." That's some image. Just imagine if he'd started beatboxing!

I thought Kristin was great too. She was the best out of all the girls they showed. I just don't understand why some of these weak singers keep getting through, like Jamar, Alexis, etc.

Anytime Stephen Fowler messes up from now on I'm going to think "fowl-up."