Thematic Photo - 2 in a row  

Can you believe it! I actually have another photo for Carmi's Thematic Photo Blog post. This week's theme is blur. The first photo is one that I took of my husband the Thursday of Apple Blossom. This is the night when all the vendors set up on the downtown mall. We decided to get a better view than out our window and went to the square and sat at the fountain to watch it all. We each had a drink (or three) and enjoyed the activity.

I've always liked this photo.

This next photo is one that my husband took of me during our trip to Vegas. I was singing Karaoke and he was pretending to be a photographer! You can make out the mic and the pink in my new hairdo. We were drinking this night as well. I think I'm sensing an additional theme here.

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the one of your husband is my fave. i love the combination of the blur and the b&w feel. great job!

mine is up..

most of them are from vegas! lol :)

The top shot is pure magic. I was standing outside a corner store, with its fluorescent light pouring into the night, thinking something similar just last week.

Drinking...hmm, you may have planted the seed for a future Thematic Photographic theme!

These are reflective of this week's theme!

Hola! Thaks for stoppy by my blog. I love the pic of your hubs. I love the perspective. It would be something I would frame for sure.


That top one is a great photo. I don't even notice the blur, but it's there in a very artistic way.

Pink hair? Cool!

I can see why that picture is a favorite.

Love the whole denim theme on your blog. So cute.


I love both pictures! I like the black & white one because I'm a big fan of B&W pictures & movies- I also am a fan of carnival/circus seedy run down- honky tonk type stuff in general!
Michele sent me to see your really great pictures.

Those are both great pics, but I absolutely LOVE the first one. Awesome that you kept it.