My Weekend Update  

This weekend has been spent on the coach, sick. Which sucked in a big way. I didn't get to do anything. I couldn't even get my Hemp necklace done but I will be posting pics as soon as I get it done. Until that time, I have some more photos for this weeks theme to post.

On Thursday, my hubby and I went to Rockville to see the dentist. Why so far away you ask? Well, that's an easy one. My dad has been y dentist for year and this year he retired. Yeah for dad, boo for my teeth. My hubby had been seeing his dentist for years as well. His dentist is his brother. So, in the interest of saving money, I am switching to my brother in law, Bob.

On our way there, I snapped a few pics for the blur theme this week. Here are a couple I like.

He doesn't look wake yet, does he?

I like this one of me despite the zit on my head. It makes me look thoughtful.

The dentist was great! I really just had a bunch of x-rays and a cleaning but it was still great. No cavities! I think this new guy is going to work out just fine!

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