I've Been Saved!  

Luke over at archshrk (go take a peek) gave me all of my links!!! I'm so happy! Thank you, Luke! I am still going to make some changes this weekend and roll out a whole new look on Sunday. I'm sure you are all very excited and can't wait. In the meantime, you'll have to put up with this old, boring look.

Project Runway starts it's new season tonight. Since it is also So You Think You Can Dance night, I'll be watching Project Runway (and Shear Genius) sometime this weekend. Thursday is my husband's night off so he will be playing poke online. Hey! Maybe we can win in Vegas and buy another laptop! Ya' think? Friday is diner with the family. Saturday is shopping and laundry day. I REALLY shouldn't call it laundry day because laundry takes me a total of 20 minutes to do. A ten minute drive to drop the clothes off and then another ten minute drive (plus about $30.00) to pick them up. It's the only way to wash your clothes! In other words, after tonight, I won't be here until Sunday unless something drastic happens.

Well, I have 15 minutes until air time!!! I need some more tea and a bathroom break!

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No problem, we've all been there before (if you haven't, you will be)

Also, I went ahead and added the full version of your old site to make it easier to grab the old links. The txt file was a little awkward.