I'm Screwed!!!  

I am so screwed! If you come here enough, you should have noticed the list of blog that I HAD on the right of my blog. It took me a long time to get all of those! I was trying out a different look for my blog yesterday and, even though I did not keep the changes, I only previewed, all of my links are gone! History! Kaput! I even kept a copy of what I changed just in case. I don't know what happened but now I've got a lot of work ahead of me! YUCK!

If your blog was once listed over to the right in that big nothingness, leave me a comment so I can get you back up there.


Hey! I just realized that I can now have the half naked man if I want!!! The reason I didn't get it was because I'd have to redo everything...silly me!

This may just be a good thing! New look, here I come!

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When things like this happen, use Google search to find you site and view the cached version to recover data, settings, whole posts, etc. Also, if you lose old posts or accidentally delete/make changes you didn't want to make, check out your RSS reader for the old versions of posts (including date and time)

But I digress. here's ALL your old links...http://archshrk.com/non-WP/Mantoni-Links.txt sorry I didn't format it better.