I got it! I got the newest Guitar Hero last night! I got it really late and didn't have a chance to play it last night. I've been dieing at work all day! I want to play!!!!! I'm at the second level (medium) on Guitar Hero III but I don't think I'll every get higher than that...not unless I can grow another finger.

Since I arrived home late last night, I did not have time to blog about SYTYCD.

Since I have the new Guitar Hero, I won't be doing it tonight so I thought I'd just post a few quick thoughts.

1. They kicked off Thayne and Comfort.

2. I was happy to see Comfort go but I thought for sure the judges would jump on the chance to send Jessica home. I really don't know how many more times they can kick sand in her face.

3. I'm sad that Thayne had to leave. He was a goofy guy that was funny and was an awesome dancer. I hope Mia keeps her word and gives him jobs. I'm sure he'll be one of the back-up dancers for the tour.

4. The guest dancers were awesome and frighteningly similar looking.

5. OMG! What the hell did they do to Cat's hair?!? I think she was hiding some baby birds in there.

6. I am in love with Katy Perry! The song was funny and VERY catchy! I downloaded the entire album today and have listened to nothing else. "Waking Up In Vegas" is awesome too. I highly recommend the whole thing!

7. America is in charge of who leaves from now on.

8. I'm excited to see how my favorites do with different partners.

That's all for now. I have to go home and play Guitar Hero!

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We have Rock Band.. I WAS the lead singer..and we were doing well..then we started a new bad and I was playing bass.. I love it! Too fun!

I've been thinking of getting Guitar Hero for my boyfriend. He has an Xbox and wants a Wii too.
Is Guitar Hero on both? What would it be better to get it for Xbox or Wii?