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The following was posted by Jessica (a former classmate of mine) over at Ten Squares, Three Squiggles. Injustice is injustice even if it is local. Please Vote!

Please vote!

Can you imagine being the opening band for Coldplay? Well, my brother-in-law Laurence has that chance. His band Shag has been selected as a finalist in a contest to be the opening band at Coldplay's upcoming concert in D.C.! But he got cheated in the process. When the finalists were announced and voting started, Shag's video was missing so people couldn't vote for them. By the time Coldplay got it fixed, some of the competitors already had hundreds of votes. Please vote and help bring them justice! The public vote will select the top 3 bands and the members of Coldplay will select the winner from there. You can only vote one time per email address so please pass this info along! Please go to and click on Vote Now. Look for Shag's video (singing Overated). The band names aren't listed under the videos for some reason but they are the 12th band shown, or 4th from the bottom. You can just make out the Shag bullseye banner on the left of the stage behind Laurence singing. Voting ends Thursday, July 17 so please vote now. THANK YOU and CHEERS!


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I LOVE Cold Play but am so bummed they aren't coming to STL..they are going to KC and hubby wants to go for my bday in November..we'll see. I voted for Jessica's brothers he the lead singer? The lead singer is tre hot!

PS..I quit smoking on Saturday!

Thank you so much for votes! They're in 4th place and only the top 3 bands go on to the next round for the members of Coldplay to select the winner. Every vote counts and is so appreciated! And I just read the comment above about Laurence being hot - ha! Wait till I tell him. He'll blush for sure.


Sorry to break it to you, but it's so clear to all the other bands participating that Shag has been cheating by using an automated voting script. That's hardly justice. If they make it in the top three, it's only because they're not playing fair. What a shame.