You Make Me Feel Like Dancing  

I'm not sure how they are going to top last week but they have to. We still have a loooooong way to go!

Cat is looking fabulous as always in a little black number with furry stuff on the bottom. All the dancers tried to touch the furry stuff while Cat ran saying "No, no, no"! Holy crap! Cat is introducing the judges and Mia has gone shockingly blond while Mary has stuffed herself ala Paula Abdul into a leopard print dress that a woman her age shouldn't even look at much less wear. Oh! And she also raided Wilma Flintstone's jewelry box for the two necklaces she's wearing. Nigel went out on a limb and is wearing a pink shirt.

Cat asks Mia how she thought the dancers did last week and Mia makes up a word...Banoodles. Which means insane. I'll use it in a sentence: Mia Michaels is banoodles.

This week the dancers are going to be telling us what their partner's best and worst characteristics are. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be.

Pair: Chelsea Traille & Thayne Jasperson
Style: Jazz
Mandy Moore!!!!!
Song: Untouched by The Veronicas
Background Nugget: Thane is superstitious and Chelsea over sleeps.
Thoughts: It was about a king and his forbidden love. I will have to say that it was not my favorite Mandy Moore routine by a mile. I'm not sure what happened. It had some nice parts but a lot of it seems disjointed. Maybe it was just me.
Note Worth Move: Nothing that made me go "WOW"
Judges: Mia saw what I saw and said it better than I did. Mary doesn't like it and didn't believe it. Nigel agrees with Mia and Mary. He also doesn't like the outfits and proceeds to bash them...the outfits that is. Although he is hard on the dancers as well.
Number: 1-888-83676-01


Pair: Chelsie Hightower & Mark Kanemura
Argentine Tango
Alex de Silva
Mi Confesion by Gotan Project
Background Nugget:
Chelsie smells good. Mark is quirky.
That was much better than the first dance. There was a lot of fancy foot work and Mark was pretty steamy. I do think they missed a lift towards the end but I'm not positive. (Chelsie's pinkie toe came out of her shoe so Cat got down, undid her shoe and fixed it!)
Note Worth Move:
TONS of fancy footwork.
Judges: Mia is in love with them and calls it fantastical. Mary loved it and says it was on point. Nigel would have liked it a little sleazier but good job.
Number: 1-888-83676-02


Pair: Jessica King & William Wingfield
Hip Hop
Choreographer(s): Cecily & Olisa
Whatever U Like by Nicole Scherzinger
Background Nugget:
Jessica has inner turmoil. William is too serious.
Thoughts: hummmmm. I'm not sure what to think about that. I don't know if I didn't like it because I really don't like them or if I didn't like it because it was good. It didn't seem to hit hard enough for me. GREAT! Now I sound like Dan Karaty! YUCK!
Note Worth Move:
Judges: Mia called Jessica a cheerleader and basically calls Will a dance god. Mary agrees with Mia. Jessica = bad. Will = god. Nigel thinks that Jessica did a really good job and predicts that Will will be in the final four. I hope not. I guess I didn't like it because I don't like them.
Number: 1-888-83676-03


Pair: Kourtni Lind & Matt Dorame
Style: Foxtrot
Choreographer(s): Jean-Marc Genereux (his daughter has Rett Syndrome)
Song: A Foggy Day (In London Town) by Michael Buble
Background Nugget: Kourtni has the best eyes. Matt is a bad singer. I think Matt looks like Doug.
Thoughts: I really liked it! I smiled the entire time. It was graceful and light. They really made it look easy. I like these two. They are actually normal sized people.
Note Worth Move: Kourtni fell straight back and Matt caught her head when it was only about a foot or two from the floor!
Judges: Mia said it was great old Hollywood and thought Matt was great. Mary loved the choreography but calls the rest a mixed bag and is disappointed. Nigel, however, is not disappointed. He comes very close to calling Kourtni fat then pulls it back and says it because she's tall.
Number: 1-888-83676-04


Pair: Courtney Galiano & Gev Manoukian
Style: Contempory

Mandy Moore
Lost by Anouk
Background Nugget:
Courtney is pretty but has a boyfriend. Gev is strong but kinda short.
Loved it! It was pretty hot and they danced it well. I'll be voting for them!
Note Worth Move:
Lots of cool lifts.
Judges: Mia loved the choreography. She thinks that Courtney jazzed it but she was proud of Gev. Mary loved it and screams! (I can't stand her outfit.) Nigel thought they dances it well but didn't believe the emotion. Cat calls them the cutest little pocket couple. I love Cat.
Number: 1-888-83676-05


Pair: Katee Shean & Joshua Allen
Style: Broadway

Tyce Diorio
All For The Best from Godspell
Background Nugget:
Katee does a stupid dance when she wants to be funny. Joshua nit picks.
Bummer. I didn't really care for it all that much but Nigel LOVED it. He was out of his chair and dancing around before Cat asked him a thing. I'm not big on Broadway.
Note Worth Move:
Nothing, just lots of running around and Jazz Hands.
Judges: "That''s what I've been waiting for all night!" said Nigel. He calls it entertainment at it's best. Mary screams and loved every second. Mia calls it amazing.
Number: 1-888-83676-06


Susie Garcia & Marquis Cunningham
Style: Salsa
Alex de Silva
Song: Aguanile by Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe
Background Nugget: Susie has lots of energy and dangerous hair. Marquis is a goofball and always eats.
Thoughts: I kind of feel sorry for Slutty...I mean Susie. Alex slammed her with his comment: "She's not a Salsa dancer, she's a street dancer." Oh no he didn't! I didn't think they really got it. Marquis seemed to do better than Susie. Her outfit didn't help her at all either but, then again, that's nothing new.
Note Worth Move: She was on his shoulders and then he smacked her leg and spun her around his head.
Judges: Mia wasn't crazy about the performance and expected more from Susie. Mary says it isn't working for her either. Nigel says it should have been fiery and that there were many things wrong with it.
Number: 1-888-83676-07


Pair: Kherington Payne & Twitch
Style: Viennese Waltz

Choreographer(s): Jean-Marc Genereux
Song: A New Day Has Come
by Celine Dion
Background Nugget:
Twitch wears frames. Kherington kicks him. They talked about Jean-Marc's daughter and how this dance is for her. (For more info, see link above.)
If you know me, you know that I hate me some Celine Dion so this is a strike against them before they make a move. Well, it was pretty good but the lifts seemed shaky. It was also pretty. The outfits were great and Kherrington looked beautiful!
Note Worth Move:
Shaky lifts, to me any way.
Judges: Mia thanks Jean-Marc. Mia didn't like Kherrington smiling the whole time. Nigel steps in and calls Kherrington beautiful. Then they talk about Jean-Marc's daughter and everyone starts crying...including me. Mary is a mess and cries. Nigel gives has a history lesson on the Viennese Waltz. After ten minutes of that, he called in beautiful and amazing.
Number: 1-888-83676-08


Pair: Comfort Fedoke & Chris Jarosz
Style: Krump

Come an Get Me by Timbaland
Background Nugget:
Comfort is versatile and a fast talker. Chris is humble and sweaty.
It was okay but nothing special. She was way better then he was but that was expected. The music was annoying! There was so much cut out of it due to language that it was distracting.
Note Worth Move:
Judges: Guess what? Mia loved the choreography! I'm shocked. She loves Comfort and thinks the Chris pulled it off. Mary thought that Comfort could have hit it harder but she blow Chris away. Nigel says his Granny is more gangster than Chris. He even goes so far to stand up and grabs his junk. Nigel expected more from Comfort.
Number: 1-888-83676-09

Overall, this show was not as good as last week. Putting them in order is a little harder this week.

Chelsie Hightower & Mark Kanemura

Really Good:
Courtney Galiano & Gev Manoukian
Kourtni Lind & Matt Dorame
Kherington Payne & Twitch


Katee and Joshua

Not so good:
Chelsea Traille & Thayne Jasperson
Comfort Fedoke & Chris Jarosz
Susie Garcia & Marquis Cunningham
Jessica King & William Wingfield

I think it will be Marquis and the Slutty teacher going home tomorrow.

One more thing, I was thinking about writing less this week but I kind like this format so I think I'll stick with it. I don't have a life anyway so it's not taking me away from anything important.

(Before the show, I was over at The Pop Eye and BeckEye posted an old video of Leo Sayer singing "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing", hence the title of this blog!)

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I really wanted to watch it this season, but I still keep missing it. Do you know a way I can get the episodes that I've missed so far so that I can catch up? I really miss having a DVR. I had one when I was living with the ex in NJ, but now that I'm back with the rents, there's no way I can con them into it.

P.S. I left you the message about the bird on the gas post. Did you get it?

I LOVED the Robin story! Too bad he didn't stick around longer.

MJ has all the videos from the past show. This is only the second real show so you have time to catch-up. The web site is and it's over in the right hand column on my blog.

I want to watch Canadian Idol but I think I've missed too much to catch up on it. We'll see how this weekend goes, I may have time then.


PS - I'll post this on your facebook too!


YES - i agree with your picks!!! I liked Mia's new hair it looked better than the old crap! Mary need to hop on whatever train she talks about and mellow out - that cick has LOST IT -- maybe a little somethin somethin in her always present cup!? and Nigel was in RARE form with the crotch grabbing and all his jumping up and down a little crazy night! I HATE CAT could start a fan club and maybe help with her nose job and wardrobe -- HUMM i still like twich and karington and chelsi hightower --- and really good guy can't remember his name --- OH i think i can dance! -M

You know I liked the Twitch and Kherington one and was bawling too. Frank and I were inspired to choreograph a dance in Caden's honor but so far it hasn't gotten much more than running man and the moonwalk to it!