got monks?  

The weather was wonderful today in Winchester. So wonderful in fact, that it brought out not one, but TWO groups of monks.

The first group walked by the office so I grabbed my camera and ran after them. When I caught up to them they were crossing the street as the second group of monks were walking down the other side of the street.

Believe it or not, I normally see just one lone monk at a time and not a whole group.

I wonder why they come downtown. I can't imagine that they are buying anything or grabbing a burger.

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I saw one in the subway station today! Oh crap, they're taking over the world!!


i have NEVER seen one and i have lived all over the world! i think that is so cool mike thinks our bald son looks like one and finds them very cool (and interesting)! WOW! i love it monk ville -- i always new you live somewhere far far away HAHAHAHAHAHAH!