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Man, you guys got CHEAP gas. We're paying around $4.50 for regular. It cost me $75 to fill up on Sunday.

We just went over the $4.00 mark in Rhode Island. I guess having no job right now pays off. I got through 3 weeks on a tank of gas. Wow, I lead a very boring life right now!


what an awesome site! since we are driving 14 hours next weekend i will keep this in mind!!!! (and i hope i don't loose my mind on the trip with the twins and michael :-)

Ok, so here's the robin story. Last week, when it was almost 100 degrees (96 actually), my family was hanging outside by the pool. Now, we don't have a deck yet, so its mostly backyard, the pool, and the picnic table. I went inside for a little while, and when I came back out, my parents and sister were laughing hysterically. A baby robin was following my dad around the yard.

Now the bird wasn't that much of a baby. It was about as big as a full grown robin, but it still had baby feathers, and a higher pitched voice. It kept chirping and would even answer us when we talked to it. We named it "Slip-up" cos that was the sound its chirp made, not to mention my dad was joking that it made a slip-up (meaning either fell out of the tree, or lost its way, or something). It wasn't injured, but it could only fly about 6-8 feet in distance at a time.

So Slip-up continued following us the whole day. It let us pick it up and pet it. We gave it a bath in my mom's broken bird bath. We even fed it birdseed, and whatever worms we could find. The funny part was that it wanted us to feed it. It still opened its mouth and chirped asking for us to drop the food into its beak.

Because it was still so hot in the house, we decided to have dinner outside on the picnic table that evening. Well, Slip-up the robin joined us. It sat on the picnic table and let us feed it barbecued chicken.

Finally, when we went in for the night, Slip-up hopped up onto the fence, and made its way to a lower branch in the tree between our yard and the neighbors behind us. It slept there for the night, and my mom said it was there early the next morning, but when I looked around 11am the next day, it was gone.

So, that's the story of our wild pet for the day. Crazy, huh?