Tim Russert  

Tim Russert died today. I'm in shock. He was not too much older then my husband. It's sad that he won't get to see the outcome of this election. Every time I watched him, he seemed so excited about it.

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I always liked watching Tim Russert.
There was something about his style and demeanor with his guests that I enjoyed. I guess it's because he seemed interested in hearing both sides of the issue, regardless of the issue.

My parents were both crying yesterday when they found out. I'm not a political person at all, but they really liked him. My mom actually went as far as saying one time, that he should be the one as our President. I watched a few episodes of Meet the Press, and thought he was very knowledgeable. It's really sad that he's gone.


I liked watching him too. It was like listening to your neighbor who happened to know ALOT about politics..He'll be missed.

The world has lost the giant of political journalism. You said it so well: his excitement came through the screen every time I saw him. I learned so much just by watching him, and it's hard to imagine anyone ever taking his place.

I wish life could be more fair, because his passing certainly isn't.