SYTYCD - Results  


I've had a few beers so I'm going to just say who went home instead of a full recap.

I did watch Wade Robeson's group number and I want to watch it again before I comment.

Cat is very cute tonight!!!

Joshua and Katee are safe!!!!

I have a word of advice for Jamie. You can only get away with that type of dancing if you're Pasha and, you sir, are no Pasha! You are going home. Bye-Bye!

Going home tonight are Rayven and Jamie I think.

But first, the Pussycat Dolls. Oh. Joy.

I'm right. Rayven and Jamie are out of here!!!

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To be perfectly honest I thought the disco ducks might be in trouble. I had to agree with Nigel. I think someone should have watched Saturday Night Fever a couple of times before trying to choreograph that song. I don't think I saw any "signature" disco moves there and found it a bit disappointing.

You're not kidding - you ARE into SYTYCD!
My blog isn't much, mostly just stuff Caden is doing. I read a lot of blogs and discussion boards online when I was pregnant and it really gave me so much hope. I just wanted to return the favor and hope it helps someone else to see how "normal" our lives are. Thanks for checking it out.
Your blog is hilarious - you have a great sense of humor!
Oh and here's where the name comes from....Ten Squares, Three Squiggles: Why the title?