One show Ends...Another Begins  

Tonight is the end of Season 7 of American Idol. The Best. Season. Ever. NOT. The best season ever, IMO, was Season Five (BTW, I didn't watch season one or two). That was the season I became total invested in one contestant from the beginning all the way to the final three, Elliott. He wasn't the cutest thing but, man could he sing! During the season, the stylist had their way with him and he actually became pretty darn hot. I loved him and his mom (God rest her soul). I still have his version of "Trouble" as my ring tone.

To me, the past two seasons have not lived up to the greatness that was season 5. The finale last year was just plain sad. I did enjoy Prince, as I always do (the Super Bowl that one year was awesome), but I don't think he said a word. He certainly didn't sing with any of the contestants. He came, he sang, he left. Only the top three got to sing with stars and, other then Blake and Jordin, Sanjaya was the only other contestant to have a solo! Try and tell me he wasn't the best thing during season six.

That brings as to this finale. According to MJ, we're in for a pretty good show (crossing-fingers). The highlight for me (other then the contestants singing) is going to be the So You Think You Can Dance dancers!! Which brings me to the meaning behind this post title. Idol may be ending but So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) starts tomorrow with auditions!!! This show has been a molten hot lava bomb for the past two years and I hope it continues. It should be safe because 1) it's a summer show, 2) doesn't command the viewership that Idol does and 3) it has already won awards. I'm hoping these things will keep Nigel from messing with it.

While watching the AI finale tonight and you find yourself watching the dancers more than the singers, please consider tuning in tomorrow. I do have to say that the auditions are similar to Idol auditions so you have crappy dancers along with good ones. This show also has a few people that try out every year. The one to watch for is Sex and his least I hope he brings his mom. If auditions aren't your cup of tea, stay tuned here and I'll let you know when to start watching again. Vegas week is a good time to start (similar to Hollywood week).

I'm not sure how much I'm going to live blog tonight. I want to try to enjoy the show first and then comment later. I'll post a few things but look for a bigger post later tonight or tomorrow.

T-minus 12 minutes and counting until the finale and the crowning of David. Which David is going to win is up in the air.


97.5 million votes!

Group number with SYTYCD dancers - all white

The group number was pretty good except not enough dancing! Darn it! The camera works sucks big time sometimes.


Pomegranate is so hot right now.


David and David duet

Movie pimping to the max - The Love Guru. Cool "Sitar Hero!" I couldn't help myself. Mike Myers makes me laugh. This is going on WAY too long.

Syesha and Seal - not so hot together


Jason by himself - nervous but sounded good

Ford Escape Hybrids for the Davids

Girls group sing in red

Dance moves still suck - where are the SYTYCD dancers?

There they are!

Donna Summer!

Ryan dancing!! Too funny!!



Carly and Michael - The Letter (love this song) would have liked it better if it was just Michael

Jimmy Kimmel!

Sanjaya in the House!!!!!

Guys group sing in black

Michael is a little shouty

Bryan Adams! He needs a sandwich. Way skinny. How old is he anyway? He was cute in the 80's.

Where are the dancers?

Bo Bice is in the audience. I thought he was performing?




New WDW American Idol Experience

David Cook and ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man - AWESOME!!!! A MUST SEE!!

I'm regretting not watching this on Tivo because I have to pee!!!

Graham Nash and Brooke White - with Idol Gives Back video clips - not too bad but pitchy showed it's ugly head more than a few times. Brooke will have a good career.


I forgot to pee!!

Jonas Brothers? I'm too old to know and Ryan didn't say.

New Kids On The Block with instruments.

They should be performing WITH one of the kids.

Yes, the Jonas Brothers

Pat and her Purse on stage to intro the bad auditions clip. I had forgotten about these people. Too bad Idol couldn't have let them rest. Except for "I am Your Brother" dude! And he's in the house in the nutty outfit. And a marching band. Did they forget that this song doesn't end? I did but only for a moment. Randy, Paula and Ryan joined him on stage.

I'm going to pee.


That horrible "Moment of Truth" is back. YUCK.


One Republic singing Apologize which I really like but, again, they should be singing with one of the kids. Never mind, David A. is singing with them now. David is back to licking his lips!!

Jordin Sparks - It's okay for a former Idol to sing alone. Black is slimming, gold lame is not. The dress is a cross between a prom dress from the 80's and Dorothy Gale's dress from the Wizard of Oz. I got the latest NOW CD with Tattoo on it. Have you heard that piece of crap? I unchecked that on my iTunes immediately.


Old footage made new and funny? Gladys Knight and the pips (Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr.). Too long.

Carrie Underwood!!! Her outfit is very odd. It's a white, mini-skirt suit type thing with fluffy, shear sleeves connected with a LOOOOONG shear scarf behind her. I think it got caught in her high heels at one point. She should have ditched the scarf thingy.


Was that David A. in a Guitar Hero commercial?

Fringe looks like my type of movie


Top 12 group sing - black

David H got the "naked" line! HA HA! (Father Figure)

George Michael!!!!

He is looking rougher than Bryan Adams. I guess it's the lifestyle. But I still love him. I'm not digging this song so much. I wanted something dance-able. And what is up with those sunglasses? Oh! And he needs to tone down the hand gestures. I guess he didn't want to sing with the kids.


Crap! I'm starting to sweat!

And the winner is David ... Cook!!!!!!


He's crying and I'm crying! I'm a nerd!!

Winning song - Time of My Life

That was an excellent way to spend two-hours! It was WAY better than last year but only time will tell if it will match Season Five in my eyes.

HEY! I just realized that I'm actually going to own an Idol winner's CD! David Cook will be my first winner CD and I can't wait!

What are your thoughts?


Don't forget to watch SYTYCD tomorrow!!

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I'm glad it's finally over and that the winner most people wanted won. Cook is the only one I see being a huge success, but I'm sure others will have moderate success of their own.

I think Season 5 was the best too. The contestants were more interesting and 8 of the Top 9 have released albums already.

The only winner's CD I own is Taylor Hicks'. I wish more quirky contestants could step up and win the whole thing like he did.


Winner: ummmm I have downloads but not an entire album..we have Daughtry but he's not a winner.

LOVED Carley and Michael..ZZTop, Ghram Nash.. didn't like the dancers (sorry)..didn't like the Idol's dancing either. I didn't appreciate solo performances like George Michael and the Jonas Bros..WTF?

SO happy David Cook won..Can't WAIT for the concert!

Other than Elliot's and Kim Locke's, this will be my first Idol CD. He's already #1 at iTunes. The boy is a STAR!

I am still kinda shocked because my favorite from the beginning has NEVER gone the distance. So this happiness stuff is new to me.