Competition's over and we're just having fun  

The journey started in January with auditions and now, it's almost over. David-Squared sing for votes tonight and tomorrow, it's all over until next January. It's been a long ride and I've about had it. I'm ready for this to be over. It turns out that Paula is only entertaining for so long.

So, who's going to win? Your guess is as good as mine. I would like Cook to win but it might be better if he didn't. After all, winning isn't everything just ask Clay, Chris, Elliott and Taylor. I think they would all agree and all but one would be happy about it. Poor Taylor.

If you've read any of my other American Idol blogs, you should already know that I dislike David A. greatly. He is like a young, boring, little robot. You can almost see what he's thinking: "sing these next three words, turn to the right, sing two more words, lift my other hand and bend my knees, repeat on the other side." Another thing that I hate about him is the way the producers and the judges have treated him all season. I don't think anyone, including Brooke, has messed up more lyrics than he has and he only got called on it once. That's a crock.

Well, it's almost time to begin! I wonder who is going to be in the finale tomorrow.

Hey!! It's David Buffer!!! Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!

David Cook weighs 180 pounds and David A. Weighs 100 pounds soaking wet.

At least that was new.

The house is full of people! All the top 12 (I'm sure BeckEye is happy about seeing MJ again) and Luke Perry. Is he in the new 90210 remake? Oh wait, that's on another network.

Ryan welcomes us to the Nokia Theatre (I guess it's not the Kodak any more) and introduces the judges. Ryan tells us that each David will sing three songs and have three phone line to which we will have 4 hours to call.

Crap! They are continuing with the fight theme. Does that mean Mohamed Ali will be in the house tomorrow? The two Davids got to chat with Clive and Andrew Lloyd Weber this week. I thought they shelved Clive?

David A won the coin toss and is going second. I had to pause the show for a moment. Did you see how scared David A. looks? OMG! That poor kid! He is even more stiff than usually. For his sake, I hope it doesn't last. For my sake, I hope it does 'cause that would be funny. Cook sure looks comfortable. Since this is an hour show and the kids are only singing a total of 9 minutes of song, there is more filling then normal which is normally a ton any way.

I've changed my mind. I want Cook to win! He is such a class act and a nice guy. When asked to say something about the other David, he said something about him always being a nice guy and as far as he was concerned the "Competition's over and we're just having fun."

They've filled Clive Davis full of oxygen and propped him up for this show so we have to hear from the crypt keeper before we can hear any singing. Oh great, more fight themed stuff. No way that's going to get old. I wonder what the producers are thinking sometimes. UNBELIEVABLY, Clive's choice is I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2. First time in the history of the show for U2 during competition. I guess Clive can still pull those old strings. David A. gets Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John without much of an explaination from Clive. Andrew is still harping on little Davy about keeping his eye open.

David Cook (5701, 5703, 5705) was very good! He changed it up just a smidge so as not to be an exact copy but still be true to the original. Of course he added the required Idol glory note on the end so the judges should be pleased. I'll buy this. Randy calls it a great song choice and says it was hot. Paula says he has arrived. Simon calls it phenomenal!

David A. (5702,5704, 5706) well, I didn't hate it but I didn't like it either. What else is new. If you're here for an objective view point, boy, did you take a wrong turn! Randy licks his ass as usual. Paula got chills and calls it beautiful. Simon calls it the best he's done so far and give this round to him. I disagree. Now Davy's gonna cry.

Now it's time for the coronation song. The Davids got to pick from ten songs (I hear there were only 20 entered). More fight analogy, yea. David Cook is singing something called Dream Big and Little Davy is singing In This Moment. Andrew is funny and makes fun of the crappy lyrics.

David Cook (5701, 5703, 5705) was awesome and I loved it!!!! That was got to be the best crappy coronation song ever. It still had cheesy lyrics but it had me smiling and tapping my feet. Randy thinks David sang his face off. Paula babbles. Simon says the end was okay and that it didn't feel like a winning moment. The judges are REALLY pushing Little Davy tonight.

If you've never voted before, I urge you to vote tonight and vote for Cook. It's a shame that Little Davy needs so much help to win this thing. If the producers really wanted him to win, they would have sent Cook packing and kept Syesha. At least then the judges wouldn't have to work so hard.

David A. (5702,5704, 5706) well, I did hate that. Those lyrics were HORRIBLE! What's with the big anchors on Davy's jacket? Randy licks his ass as usual and pulls out the phone book line. Paula says he's on fire (I wish!). Simon calls it a better song and give this round to him as well. I disagree.

David Cook picked The World I Know and Little Davy picked Imagine.

David Cook (5701, 5703, 5705) was pretty good. He seemed a little defeated but maybe I'm just feeling that way because of the judges. Randy says it was a very nice job. Paula says he's standing in his truth. Whatever the hell that means. Simon calls him the nicest most sincere contestant they have ever had. Simon was right, he should have done Billie Jean or Hello.

David A. (5702,5704, 5706) over did it...a lot. Why did he add all those crappy runs and that melisma? Randy licks his ass as usual and declares him the winner. Paula says he left her speechless (I wish!). Simon calls it a knock-out.

Well, what did you think?

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Did you get the license plate of that bus?

I thought both Davids did their thing tonight and that every performance was solid. Based on all the over-the-top pimping of Archuleta though, I think he may just take home the title tomorrow.


Who's Andrew? David A. was pitchy as all get out too. I'm surprised you didn't mention that. This makes me sick especially after Simon was on the Ellen show saying he thought he would win it. Simon was pissed about something though. I bet this was all staged to get a win for David A. Surely Randy has better taste than that.

Andrew = Andrew Lloyd Weber

I would hope that Randy has better taste but then again, who knows. Have you seen some of the outfits he wore when he was with Journey? Bad taste even back in the 80's.

Ian - I believe you are correct. They wanted Little Davy from the beginning...of season one!

Did you notice when Ryan mentioned that after tomorrow someone was going to make it "as big as these people...", then they showed Kelly, Carrie, and Chris Daughtry. I thought it was hilarious. Screw the other winners from previous seasons because they all suck! HAHA!

I want Cook to win, but it's not going to happen. At least he will be gracious and applaud Archuleta. Just like Blake did, and just like Bo did, like REAL men do.


Just want to point out that it's Michael Buffer- not David- I think you had "David" on the brain- LOL

I just want to say that David Cook should win this thing- and Dialidol has called it for him. David A is just annoying and boring and he is such a dweeb. His "aw shucks" peresonality makes me want to slap him upside his head. Does anyone think he would even know what to do with all those girls screaming for him? Doubt it!
The judges really nauseated me with the Archie pimping. I hope his father ruins it for him.
Thanks for the blog Kristi- see ya next season!

I effing HATE when contestants re-do a song they've already done in the competition. It was like that year that Carrie Underwood sang "Independence Day" 400 times. Or how this year, KLC, who didn't even make it to the finals, managed to sing "Amazing Grace" more than once.

Cook deserves to win because he's, quite simply, better than Archuleta in every way - style, stage presence, vocal skill, and uh...hotness. But he is better off coming in 2nd. I think everyone, including him, realizes that.