Goodbye Syesha! Hello Kodak Theatre!  

Good evening everyone! I hope you are all well tonight. Before I begin tonight's Idol blog, I'd like to take a moment to congratulate Whitney for being America's Next Top Model! Finally, they picked a plus sized girl...if you can call her that. I call her non-anorexic or normal. Personally, I'd kill to be her size!

OH! I found a Syesha uncle Bill! Guess where he lives? That's right! Florida! NOW we know who's been voting for her!

Tonight on Idol we find out who gets to sing the "sure-to-be-crappy coronation song" on their new CD. I think we can all agree that it's going to be David x2 in the finale. Most blogs I read put David A. in the final spot. As much as I dislike the kid (hey, I haven't even bothered to learn how to spell his last name), I think I might want him to win. The
"sure-to-be-crappy coronation song" is sure to blend well with his "Up With People" type singing style. While the thought of David Cook having to record the "sure-to-be-crappy coronation song" is starting to make me a little queasy. On the other hand, it would be nice to have the person I've voted for all season long win.

As usually, I've let my Tivo run so I don't have to listen to those phone calls. I think I might have missed one or two entertaining phone calls this season but that is not enough to withstand ALL the other ones. I may not have enough time banked on Tivo but I'm done with the pre-show babbling. I'm starting to feel like Paula!

OH! One more thing! I'm planing on blogging So You Think You Can Dance this season. Someone I know, knows a dancer that has made it to Vegas at least. She can't say anything else. That means I am two people away from Mary Murphy, Nigel Lithgoe, and, most importantly, Cat Deeley!!

Now! On with the show!

WOW! There are a lot of people in the house tonight; Michael Johns, Kristy Lee Cook, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Carly, Brooke, and pOtS aNd PaNs!!!!

Ryan tells us that Fantasia is singing live! I guess she must have gone straight there from here! Here's her picture again.

The kids are singing "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" for the group sing. As far as group sings go, this one has got to be the best sounding of the year...but that's not saying too much. I definitely miss Jason's dance stylings!

56 million votes came in last night.


Fantasia is performing her new song. Well, I guess I'm getting old. I could hardly understand anything she was singing. The dance move were a bit over the top. Some of those moves looked...well...I can't really put down exactly what I'm thinking but it has to do with getting ready for a certain sexual act. I'll let you think about that one. The look on Simon's face when they cut to him at the end was priceless! It was EXACTLY the look that was on my face!

Ryan call David A. out to the stage so that we can hear him talk. Oh joy. I'm sorry, I can't watch his trip home. If anything interesting happens, let me know.

How much crap are they going to show us! Get on with it! Great! A Commercial!

It's Syesha's turn for the home visit and the memory video. I tried to watch it but I can't.

Another commercial!

Now David Cook get the big talk and multi-video treatment. I'm going to watch this one! LOL! I'll admit it. I cried! That was great!

It's a shocker! NOT! Syesha is "going home" and the two Davids are going head to head in the finale.

Any thoughts on who you think should win?

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As I said on my site, I think David Cook should win. He's clearly the most popular and clearly the one who will have the most success after the show, so let's give him the title so we don't have to hear people complaining that he was robbed.

As far as the cheesy song he'll be stuck with, it may not end up on his album. "Do I Make You Proud" didn't appear on Taylor Hicks' album (except as a bonus track on certain versions, I think). Now that Clive Davis has been replaced it's possible that the new guy will be smart enough to let David do his own thing with his first album. He's stylistically similar to Chris Daughtry, and after the success Daughtry had by being given plenty of creative control they'd be stupid to try to micro-manage David's career.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on why David Cook should win and why it might not be bad for him if he does.

Oh, cool, Whitney won. I totally missed the finale tonight.

You forgot the most important part of tonight's Idol. Two shots of MJ in the audience. Not quite long enough, but still... :)

I saw Chris Richardson! He was sitting behind Randy. I enjoy past contestants even coming to watch the show, nevermind performing.

I made a really long comment about tonights show on Jennifer's blog, so I'm not going to do that here. Well, maybe I'll just copy it over here because I'm lazy and I want Kristi to have a lot of comments on her blog too! So, yeah I'll do that!

Fantasia's performance tonight just proves everything I have been saying about her for the past 4 years! I can't stand her at all! I think all 3 judges were saying to themselves (and maybe each other), "Why the heck did we praise this girl so much in Season 3?" I agree that she shouldn't have been wearing what she was, but in her defense, she used to be thin, and it is tough realizing that you're not as thin as you used to be, and can't wear the same outfits you used to be able to wear. (Wow, did I just defend that "bobo"?) I really want to say more bad things about her, but I'm in a good mood so I won't. Simon's face was priceless though, I even paused the Tivo and stared at it laughing hysterically for like 5 minutes.

Anyways, about THIS season's contestants:
Syesha definitely knew she was going home tonight. I think she even knew last night, cos she didn't get upset even when Paula made that comment about her not making it to the finals. She will definitely do well. She's a beautiful girl with a great voice and a lot of personality.

I should have counted the number of times David A. said "gosh", but I didn't. It's probably the only bad thing that kid says. I couldn't believe all the cheerleaders running after him at his school. They probably made fun of him when he was there pre-Idol. (I'm not making fun of cheerleaders, I used to be one, I'm just saying he was probably a quiet, nice kid that kept to himself and had only a select group of friends.) Now he's a star!

Ok, so my sister and friend were making fun of David Arch and Syesha crying through their home journeys, then Cook comes on and cries, and the two of them start crying with him. He's so infectious, it's crazy! I would love for him to win this whole competition and I know he would be so humbled about it. I'm just afraid that he's going to be stuck singing some stupid AI produced, contest-winning, sappy "I so proud to be here" song that no one will like. I honestly think that's something David Archuleta needs. If Cook is runner up, he can make the best album, and it will be exactly what HE wants. That doesn't mean I don't think he's better than David Arch, he surpasses him by far.

Next week is going to be a Season 2 repeat. Arch will win, even though Cook is more deserving, and even though my votes will end up going to the runner-up.

TEAM COOK!! (Ooh, maybe I should make t-shirts and sell them! Any takers??)

My face did what your face did during Fantasia's performance..which we fast forwarded through.. WTF?

No surprise but I think Syesha is a better performer than David A and in the long run she has more wide apeal than David A.. He has kids that can text message in votes..that's all he has.

He's like a Mormon Josh Grobain or something.. I can see him doing a duet w/ Amy Grant not releasing a Justin / Chris Brown / John Mayer kind of hit. He will need American Idol but I don't think he'll be a huge star.

David Cook doesn't have to win and I think it's better if he doesn't..

Either way I'm OK.. let's get going w/ the concert already.

Do you watch Amazing Race??

I think nearly everyone in America had the same look on their face as Simon did the other night. It was one of those "What the bloody hell was that" looks. And, you can't tell me that the majority of viewers could undestand most of the lyrics. She gave whole new meaning to the phrase "Shock and Awe"!
I'm going to send her the vet bill, 'cause my dog's ears are still bleeding.
The results were no suprise, and I find myself agreeing with you. My favorite is DC, but if he doesn't win, it's OK, he'll make a better debut album and won't have to watch his career die on the vine while the crappy coronation song runs its course.
Great review. Have a great week-end.

Cookie for the WIN!