Final 3: Otherwise Known as "Syesha's Last Night"  

I don't know how in the hell she has made it this long! I would have NEVER picked her to be in the top three. Again, it just leaves me wondering who the hell is voting for her.

At this point, everyone in the viewing/voting audience knows who they like and knows who they are voting for so tonight's show doesn't really matter. I'm voting for David Cook. I already have him picked on Dial Idol and it's just waiting to start calling.

I have a theory that it's the text messages that really decide the winner. It goes something like this. Say you have a really big funnel with a really small opening. No matter how much sand you have in the funnel, only a certain amount is going to come out in any given time frame. Let's say the big part of your funnel has 5 gallons of water but the opening only lets water out at the rate of a half gallon a minute. After one minute one gallon of water in gone. Thus, if you only have 2 gallons of water in the funnel, you are still only going to lose one gallon after one minute. I believe phone lines work the same way. There are only so many calls that can be connect in any giving time frame no matter how fast you can dial or how many time you call. So, with that knowledge, who has the edge? Can Archie's fans text faster then Cook's? Should we ever worry about Syesha? I don't know but I bet the vote is going to be VERY close.

Enough of that! On with the show!

Ryan introduces us to the High Schooler, the Actress (YUCK), and the Bartender. I don't know about you but a bartender is much more handy to have around then the other two. Which one will be the next American Idol?

Ryan then tells us how important voting is before he introduces the judges...again. Oh look! Something shiny! It's Paula!

As with other years, the kids are each singing three songs. One that one of the judges pick, one that the producers pick, and then the kids get to pick their own. The producers pick used to be a Clive Davis pick but I think they got tired of propping him up once a year.

We see the mayor of the city the David A. is from and he has a HUGE, pointy mustache! Does he think it looks good? I always wonder about that kind of stuff. The Mayor reveals Paula's song choice of "And So It Goes" by Billy Joel. I love this song. I love Billy Joel. I do NOT love David A. This does not bode well. Hated the echo crap in the beginning. Hated the arrangement. It was already a slow song, it didn't need to be any slower. Randy kisses his ass and calls it dope. Paula calls it beautiful. Simon calls it predictable but not outstanding.

For some reason, I think that the person that has gone first on final three night as gone home the next. I seem to remember that Elliott had the first spot and I was not happy about that. I'm not sure but if that is the case, that trend will be broken now. I don't think I'll get my wish and have Little Davy leave tomorrow.

Syesha's song is "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys picked by Randy. I'm not a fan of Alicia Keys or Syesha so this doesn't bode well either. My problem with Syesha is that we've heard her before. She sounds like a number of better singers and doesn't really have a sound of her own. She did an okay job on an okay song. Randy says she did an amazing job. Paula is proud and says she looks stunning. Simon wishes that Randy had picked a different song. Me too Simon, me too!

Simon picked "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack for David Cook. This should be good. And it is! I'll be buying that when it goes on sale. It started out soft and then built like most every song he does. That's okay, I like it that way! This is predictable too but, at this stage of the game, it's going to be hard to pull off a surprise. Randy calls it predictable and slams Simon. Paula calls it her favorite songs and David her second favorite singer of the song. Drink some more Paula. Simon calls it his best performance to date. "First Round: Cook and Cowell!"

Mrs. Cook in the house!

David A. get some chair time. His choice is "With You" by Chris Brown. Oh joy. Another "Up With People" type song. How many times can his kid mess up with words and not be called on it? Everyone else that forgets lyrics gets reamed but not the golden, gaspy, frog boy! Unfair! Randy didn't believe it. Something about "My Boo"? Paula babbles. Simon is glad he didn't do a ballad but the song wasn't really him.

Syesha is in the chair. She picked "Fever" by Peggy Lee. Good song! Too bad she is still talking and not singing yet. She annoys me. She's pulling a Haley/Kat McPhee move. Bringing out the sex, brings out the vote. Everything on the stage was just too distracting. I didn't like it. Randy calls it interesting and well sung. Paula is surprised by the song choice. Simon says she will probably regret the performance and calls it cabaret.

I can't wait until the season finales for Bones ad House!!! Sealy will not die! But I don't really care if Amber does.

David Cook picked "Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot. Whoever and whatever that is. Am I just really old? Oh! I've heard this before! This is not my favorite by David. It seemed lie he started off-key and then got a little shouty. I won't be buying this tomorrow but I'm still voting for him. LOL!!! The "Cougars for Cook" sign is too funny!!! Have I ever told you that my sister is a Cougar? Well, maybe another time. Randy name drops and says it wasn't his best. Paula was distracted by David and his guitar. Simon says all three of them had an okay middle round.

The producers picked "Longer" by Dan Fogelberg for Little Davy's last song. OH! This crappy song. He has never been in love in his entire short life. How can he sing a song about it and be believed? That was a serious close-up at the end and I must say, Davy, sweetie, you need some man-scaping! Randy licks his ass. Paula calls it lovey. Simon thinks he song it well but it was a bad song. I agree with Simon that the song sucks.

Syesha has to sing "Hit Me Up" by Gia Farrell. This doesn't seem like a singer's song. It seems like a dancing song. The producers screwed Syesha. Randy calls it okay. Paula doesn't know if it's going to be enough to get he into the final two. Simon calls it forgettable.

The producers are making David Cook sing "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith. I liked this song oh about ten years ago! It's a little over done at this point. The arrangement was a little strange for me and I thought the string section could have dressed up a bit. After all, they are on national television! It was better than the last song but the first song was the best of the night. Paula gives him the standing O. Randy started to say something when my Tivo switched over to Reaper. A couple of weeks ago, I stopped Tivo from recording Reaper so I could get the last couple of minutes of Idol and BOY was my husband mad! He has not let me forget about it either. I'm not doing that again. Reaper is a WAY funny show! Check it out sometime...if your not really religious.

Bottom two for me were Syesha and David A. DUH! Winner of the night was David Cook with Simon's song choice.

Does Syesha leave us tomorrow or does David A.?
Is there even a CHANCE that David Cook will go home?
And how close do you think the vote will be?

Until tomorrow!

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I think Clive Davis stopped selecting songs for the contestants after Randy criticized his choice for Katharine McPhee ("I Believe I Can Fly"). His choice for Elliott ("Open Arms") was pretty bad too.

Jordin Sparks went first in the Top 3 last year and we all know what happened to her. Every other year though, the person who went first in the Top 3 went home. This time I think it'll be Syesha.

I've actually come around to rooting for David Cook too. I'm not bothering to vote for him, and I don't plan to buy his album, but I hope he wins and expect that he will.

The producers always make the most irrelevant picks. They just collect the money, they don't have to know anything about the music.

It's David and David in the Finale.

I think Syesha is going home..but I don't think she should be..David A needs to go to prom or pick a zit or something..
The judges did throw Syesha under the bus..
Chris Brown = Up w/ People..please that sucked WAY more than Fever..

David Cook was great although I didn't care for his choice..Switchfoot would be great if he was in concert or at a didn't work for the show and as a shortened version.

It was sad though..I didn't even care about watching the show..I was more excited to watch my recorded episode of NCIS...