Open Letter  

Dear Dumb ass in the beat-up red car:

Yes, I heard you yell "pig" at me while I was walking (aka exercising). You were driving so fast that I didn't get to yell my equally witty response of "I know you are but what am I!" I know I'm overweight why do you think I was out there walking, Einstein. I'm doing my best to lose weight and get in shape and your words of discouragement are NOT welcome. Next time, do me and every other overweight person in the world a favor and drive you and your buddy off a f-ing cliff!

To the two other guys in nicer cars, thanks for the whistles! THAT'S the kind of encouragement I need!


PS - To the asshole riding his bicycle on the sidewalk that nearly ran me over...RIDE IN THE F-ING ROAD LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO!! JERK! One more thing, tuck in your shirt next time. I REALLY don't want to see your butt-crack again.

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I can't believe some guy yelled at you. You should keep a rock in your pocket for those moments... haha Anyhow.. loving the blog- I'm reading backwards... the guy in the underwear is a dancer that has been on gigs with my son- which means.... ta da! he was paid to make a fool of himself to make the show interesting... strange huh? I wonder if Betty was a paid performer as well? The one that Nigel said was a disgrace to dancers and transvestites? lol