Idol hangover  

It's a day later and I have a few other thoughts.


2. Yes, it is right up there with season 5.

3. The SYTYCD dancers were not featured AT ALL. If you're going to promote them being on the show, use them. I hope this doesn't turn people off of the show (which starts tonight BTW).

4. Can this be the last year of performers on the show that do not perform with the kids? Jonas Brothers and George Michael I'm looking at you! (Former Idols do not count.)

5. I am satisfied with my post from last night so I'm going to call Idol done until January!

6. How long are we going to have to wait for David Cook's CD?

I haven't had a chance to go around to all the blog and read them and I may not until this weekend so don't get mad at me. I have to blog on SYTYCD tonight (although it might be a little short since it's auditions). My MySpace page got phished so I have to change all my password EVERYWHERE (just to be safe). And I need to eat, which I am going to do right now.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by this blog this year for American Idol. I hope you'll keep me on your favorite blogs list and check back often!

Take Care!

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I watched the first few auditions of SYTYCD tonight, but I just wasn't in the mood to watch two hours of them. I'm still decompressing from "Idol". Maybe I'll tune in when the competition starts. It was funny when the judge was talking to that Italian guy and said "sex" instead of "success" though.


hell yeah we watched! that last guy was off the charts good! so cool i can move my body like that i just don't like to show people ... RIGHT?! then we watched our favs again TIVO style! Ok so Mia is fantastic at what she does but you must think she has smoked a little something before each show. she is in space somewhere being organic! SEX SEX SEX poor guy ... nothing more to say! oh i could go on and on but i will save it for next time!!!!