So You Think You Can Dance!!!!  

I'm so excited! This has turned out to be the best television week ever!!!! We had the season finales of Bones and House in addition to the Idol finale. And now, So You Think You Can Dance starts! I just finished watching the House finale and had a good cry so now I'm ready to laugh! Bring on Sex!

It's two hours!!! Awesome! Hello Cat!! I missed you!

They had auditions in DC this year. I really wanted to go and watch but they just don't let anybody in and I didn't think I could pass as a contestant. The wrinkles and the extra pounds would have given me away.

But this show is about the LA auditions. The judges will be Mary Murphy of ballroom fame and Nigel Lithgoe of Idol fame. Joining them today is Mia Michaels. One of my favorite choreographers! I love the park bench dance from season 2.

For the new people, the contestants get one minutes on stage. They are either given the boot, told to stick around for a round of choreography, or given a plane ticket to Vegas! Vegas is where they work the kids for a week before they decide on the top 10 guys and the top 10 girls to compete for our votes and the title of "America's Favorite Dancer".

I had a whole recap of the show but it was a little boring as auditions can be so I thought I'd give you a couple of high lights instead of the full blown post.

The second guy is a little slimy dude from Italy. He just got naked! I hope he sucks. Well, the music sucks and he looks like he's going to strip. He should talk to David Hernandaz from Idol. Oh yeah, he sucks for the most part. Nigel asks Mia how successful Jonathan is going to be in America and she says "Not very sex..." instead of success!! LOL!! Everyone is laughing now except Jonathan. This is turning into something not so funny. But he is staying for the choreography.

Sex is back with his mom! Yes! This is his third year. We find out that he REALLY thinks he can dance. I blame his mom. I will say that he did get better from season 2 to season 3. Let's see if he can keep the trend up for season 4. I think he peaked season 3. Mia agrees with me. She also says that she would miss Sex if he didn't show up every year. I would too! Nigel brings the hammer down on him and sends him away.

The age thing might not have been a problem for me. Someone that was 45 auditioned. I liked her! She left her husband to find happiness. You go girl!

Another guy is returning from last year. He had some sick moves and he still does. His name is Phillip Chbeeb. Here's a video of him. It starts slow but it's worth the wait.

He's going to have to go through choreography.

Some guy auditioned in his tighty whities. BAD. Nigel had the line of the night. They asked him why the underpants and he said something about being a clean slate because he knows they (judges) like to mold and shape dancers. Nigel: "I didn't see any thing I wanted to mold there."

Travis Wall is teaching the choreography! Slimy guy is going home. Phillip is going to Vegas along with 17 other dances from day one.

Day two was boring until the last guy. OMG! I've never seen anything like this guy!

I don't know how long he'll last but I look forward to seeing him again.

Did you watch?

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Loved that last guy! I hated the smarmy, in-love-with-himself Italian dude though. I'm so glad he didn't make it.