Your Mama Don't Dance - Finale...Finally!  

I know! I know! Its been way too long since the show. I should have done this sooner but life happens. My husband was off from work two extra days this week so I let him play poker on line while I slaved away and cleaned the house. Well, I should have cleaned. What I really did was play SingStar and Guitar Hero. I love those games! I want to get Dance, Dance Revolution but I think I need to lose some weight first!

Enough about me! On with the show!

Ian starts us out with a quick recap of last week and then induces Brooke and Eric and Noelle and Doug. Before I go any farther, I just thought of something. When this show first started, I was sure that the winner would be a son/mom pair. The reason behind that being that the guy leads his partner and is thus more responsible for the way the dance turns out. I remember hearing some where that a strong male dancer can lead anyone. Wait, I think that's from Dirty Dancing! You know, when they're trying to talk Johnny into taking on Baby as a partner for the Sheldrake show while that girl recovers from her "real MD" abortion. The girl says "You're a strong partner, Johnny. You can lead anybody!" I love that movie. Crap! What was I talking about? Oh yeah! It is surprising to me that the top two pairs going into the finale tonight are daughter/dad pairs and not son/mom pairs. One son/mom pair will be joining the other two pairs tonight. Who will it be? Jesse and Rebecca or Erick and Carol? Ian says...Erick and Carol. Darn! I wanted the other pair! Well, I know I won't be voting for them tonight.

First up is Brooke and Eric dancing to Putting on the Ritz. That song always reminds me of Young Frankenstein. Excellent movie! They did really well as expected. One thing that I was a little disappointed in was that the past two weeks, their routines have contained no solo "look at the professional dancer" moments. The dancing was shared between the two of them. This routine had one of those moments. It's too bad because Eric could have handled something during that time. Let see what the judges say. What? The judges aren't saying anything. Odd.

Second is Erick and Carol dancing to You Can't Stop The Beat which was Noelle and Doug's song from last week. I'm not so sure that was a smart move. Oh well. Well, that was no where NEAR as good as Noelle and Doug. I'm not sure what happened to Carol. She was so much better in the beginning. This dance was very stiff and a little robotic. That's just as well because I want Noelle and Doug to win.

Bringing up the rear and in the best position to win it all is Noelle and Doug. They should go back to ballroom I think. They are dancing to Shake Your Grove Thing!! Oh no! I didn't that that was his genre. They were GREAT! Doug can Disco! Is was smiling the entire time. I do thing Doug missed a few steps and got a little lost a few times but he covered it well and didn't let it show on his face. I don't know about you but they have my vote! Pure entertainment! BTW, LOVED the outfits!

Vote, Vote, Vote!!

Since America is voting, it's time for filler. It is nice to see everyone again. We got to hear from a lot of the contestants but not Rodilyn and Jonathan...that bites. Now we get to see all ten dancers perform together. That was a pretty good routine but there were so many dancers I had a hard time following the dance. Was this taped at the beginning of the season? I think the judges were wearing different clothes.

I'm not sure how much more of this filler I can take. It's only 27 minutes into the show!

Voting is almost over and they need more filler. Brooke and Eric and about 20 pounds of filler are up first. I skipped most of it but not all. It's a good thing too because NOW we are going to hear from the judges. Chris is a fan and proud of both of them. CA says that Eric is the best parent dancer. Voting is now closed. Ben is still wearing that same earring. I like his tie.

Erick and Carol and their filler is next. I'm skipping most of it. Chris thought they were the couple to beat from the first week. CA says Erick reminds her of a young Gene Kelly. Ben says Erick reminds him of a young Bob Fossy and Ben Vereen. I won't miss Ben.

The final pair, Noelle and Doug, and their video package are last. I watched all of their video and got teary eyed! I hope they win. Chris gets teary eyed as well and loves them both. CA says Doug is the most improved, determined and dedicated. Ben's comments make me tear up again!

The final three dance as a group. This was taped but just earlier tonight and not a few weeks ago. Because if it was live, Noelle would have had to have been wearing that outfit underneath her other outfit. The routine was okay. It gave each dancer solo time in the spot light.

I keep on looking in the crowd to see Rodilyn and Jonathan but I'm not seeing them! (Where you there Rod?)

They got 500,000 votes in 20 minutes. That's pretty good! Third place is Erick and Carol. The winners are.......Noelle and Doug!!!! YES!!! Ian tried to talk to them but that was useless.

Well, Noelle and Doug won. They won $100,000 in cash and prizes. What do you think they ACTUALLY won?

Overall, it was a great show that really had no losers. All the contestants came away with a great experience, new friends and some exposure. I think this is the first reality show where no one was hated. Even though I didn't want Erick and Carol in the finale, that didn't mean I hated them. I just liked Jesse and Rebecca a little more. I wish all the dancers and their parents all the best. Good luck in everything you do!

Until next year, I bid farewell to Your Mama Don't Dance!

*I had already watched the show so I could vote but I tried to write the blog as if I hadn't seen the show and knew the outcome. I hope I did a good job.*

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ok... so you have to go back and listen to the judges comments about Erick and Carol- I can't say why.... but just go back and listen. haha I was there. I was sitting in the front just under Noelle's Mom and Brooke's mom. You can catch me for a moment- somewhere.. you probably ffwd it.. lol anyhow it was filmed Thurs... all except for the 5 minutes where they announced the winner. Everything else was the day before. I didn't go on Friday for the wrap party I was pretty much over it. I think they won the trip.. and the rest in cash-- unless there were prizes I had no idea about. Unfortunately they'll net about 60% cash as the rest will go to taxes. Speaking of money I still haven't gotten my LAST check. Do I sound bitter? No, just a little irritated. I mean come on, do I have to hound these people for over a month for my measley check? ugh... yes there was a lot of filler- and needless to say I am definitely bitter about the fact that we were completely left out of the end of the show package as if we never existed- but whatever. It's over. On a brighter side: One of our field producers called me from the show- he's on a new project. He called me and came the next day to film a casting video. I'll keep you posted when I am allowed to disclose the details! ta!