Time for Someone's Swan...er, Cat song!  

I'm letting my Tivo run for a while. Last week I caught up to real time and had to watch commercials! That WILL NOT happen again. I'll start blogging at about 8:30 Eastern if you want to check back.


I'm back! It's time to start my Tivo because this is Wednesday night and it's time for someone to say so long!

Ryan tells us that they got 38 million votes last night. Ryan kissed Simon on the head! (
Get your mind out of the gutter! They wouldn't show THAT on national TV.) Why they hell did he do that?

The group sing is kinda boring but better than last week. The only reason I say that is because I remember my nose being all crinkled up at the end of the group sing last week like I had just smelled something bad. This week I was just yawning.

The Idol tour dates have been set. Unless they team up with So You Think You Can Dance, I'm not going.

Recap from last night - Fast Forward

Ryan is interviewing ALW. This is boring. Fast Forward. Wait! I have to go back. I think they're talking about Brooke's goof. Yep! ALW makes fun of Paula and says that Brooke was flawless during rehearsals. Too bad we didn't see that. ALW is pretty entertaining. Song title for Simon and Paula: "How can I miss you if you won't go away"

The Ford commercial was pretty entertaining tonight. I especially loved the way they had Jason dressed up. He REALLY looked like John Travolta in Battlefield Earth! Note to self: watch that again. It's been too many cycles since the last viewing.

BTW - Fantasia is going to be the Grand Marshall for this year's Apple Blossom Festival! I can't believe they got someone from this decade. Last year it was Wayne Newton. If any of you live near Winchester and want to come out for the festival, let me know. I have some seats for the parades still available. It's not this weekend but next weekend. Here's their website.

Bush - fast forward

Round one eliminations: (Bottom two only)
The Davids, at the same time - How long is Ryan going to talk to them?!?! Damn! - safe
They flashed on the audience and had the caption: David's Family and Friends. Which David you dorks?!?

More filler - Fast Forward

Leona Lewis - Fast Forward - She sucks BTW. Wow! She got real flames!

Round two eliminations:
Brooke and Syesha - Brooke is safe and Syesha is in the bottom two

At this point, the filler is so huge that I no longer care why Brooke did what she did. I just want them to shut up.

Round three eliminations:
Carly and Jason - My guess is that Jason is in the bottom two. I'm wrong! It's Carly joining Syesha on the stools of death!

Carly and Syesha both get to sing. I like Carly better than Syesha but not by much. Carly sounded better tonight. Syesha sounds bad tonight. She was better last night.

Carly is going home!!!! WHAT?!?!?! How the hell did that happen? I don't know what to think.

What do you think about it?

Damn! I didn't get any points this week!!

Looking forward to Neil Diamond!

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ALW has been the hit of the season. He is far and away the best mentor that we've seen and he is honest, funny without being cruel. Simon could take lessons.
I'm not really suprised by these results. I didn't expect Carly to win and I don't think she ever had the fan base that Brooke has assembled, so she has to go sooner or later. AI seems to be set on having gender equity this year, so look for Jason to be headed home next week.

I'm so glad Carly is finally gone! She was annoying and oversang too much. I was tired of looking at those ugly tattoos also.

I've never watched much of "So You Think You Can Dance". I've seen bits and pieces of it, but I've never followed it. Maybe I'll check it out. Last summer I followed "Canadian Idol" over the internet, so I'll probably do that again to fill the "Idol" void in my life. There's far less talent in Canada, but there are a lot of fun, quirky contestants who would never make it on "American Idol", so it's pretty entertaining.

The 5th place finisher is always the opposite gender of the eventual winner, so if they want a guy to win they'd better hope either Brooke or Syesha (hopefully the latter) goes home next week.

I didn't pick Carly going either..wow. I am surprised but not totally dissapointed, I never thought she would win the whole thing.
There was LOTS of filler..they either need to move to two songs or cut to 30 minutes.
Neil Diamond..I am thinking that it will be bad for Syesha..hmmm I don't know. I love Neil Diamond btw..and really looking forward to it.
PS..TOTALLY excited about the tour. We go every year. This year though there is no clear singer to choose for our potty break.

Did Ryan and Simon really kiss? Someone commented on my blog that they did. Of all nights I choose not to watch, I miss that.