"I think I'm an Aries"  

Alright! Here we go! I'm starting a little late as usual but I've already heard from two of my friends that Pots and Pans does a REALLY bad job and gets weird comments from the judges. I'm interested to see what happened. Let's go to the tape!

As you all may (or may not) know, tonight is "Songs From the Year They Were Born" night for the top 10. Ryan opens the show, celebs are in the audience, Ricky and the band are ready, and the judges are here. Check, check, check and check. Okay, let's get this thing going.

Pots and Pans
(5701) is up first and is singing Alone. BAD move kid-bitter! (Pause.) WOW! She started off slow and boring and not in time. The song kicks in and so does the bad notes and the overwhelming back-up singers. Poor Pots and Pans has some really bad notes and has to over come the back-up singers. She ends it badly. Randy lets everyone know that she's sick and tells her that it was a bad song choice. Paula is pumping her up and playing up the sick angle. OMG! Simon says it wasn't as bad as Randy said. He also says that Pots and Pans is sick. What the hell is going on? Normally, being sick isn't an excuse but tonight it is. Poor song choice is poor song choice no matter your health and this was a poor song choice. She should have listened to me and did a little Tiffany.

Jason (5702) is singing Fragile by Sting AND it's his birthday! He thinks he's an Aries. He is so goofy...I love him! (Pause.) Well...maybe it's because I don't think I've ever heard that song before but I didn't think it was that good. It was hard to make out what he was singing most of the time. A good part of it was in Spanish I think, it was hard to tell. I think the guitar was over powering tonight and not a good idea. Randy says it was a good song choice and it was nice. Paula says he is staying true to who he is but playing it safe. Simon thinks he has had two bad weeks and he is too laid back. I'm with Simon except for one thing, I liked last week. Jason agrees with Simon and says he was sloppy and could have practiced more. Gotta love him!

Syesha (5703) does that damn baby cry again during her video package. Hasn't anyone told her that it is not cute, it's creepy?!? She is singing If I were Your Woman and I'm not sure if I know this one either. (Pause.) I have heard the song before but not that version. She's a good singer and I think she hit every note but she just doesn't grab me. We've heard her type before and I don't think we need any more. Randy likes it ad thinks it's her best performance. Syesha NEEDS to STFU when the judges are talking. Paula liked it and blabs on about her being a dark horse and sailing on to the finals. Simon didn't like the ending and I didn't like the fact that she kept talking during the judges time. I HATE that!

Chikezie (5704) is up next and singing "If Only For One Night" which is a ballad. His birthday is September 11th. (Pause.) The lounge singer is back! I guess that was a little too mean. I liked it. It was pleasant and in tune. There are a few really good parts and I think this may be just enough to keep him from going home but not from being in the bottom three. Randy didn't love it and said it was old school and not hip. Paula said it was a good through back and he did a great job. Simon thinks he sang it well but it was cheesy. OH NO! He just talked back to Simon. That's gonna cost him some vote.

Brooke (5705) is singing the song I pick for her, Every Breath You Take by the Police! I think I just might like her tonight. She plays the piano by ear. (Pause.) That is not how I heard it in my head. I didn't imagine a country version. It was okay. She had a goof in the beginning and had to start over. I'm not sure if she should have played the piano on that one. I don't thin Sting is too happy about that. OH! One more thing, GET RID OF THE "MOSH PIT"!!! Randy thought the front was good but didn't love the rest. Paula enjoyed this more than last week. Simon agreed with Randy but says it's good enough to keep her in. Of course it is, she's one of the chosen ones.

BeckEye's favorite, Michael Lee Johns (5706), is up next and singing We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions by Queen which is something that BeckEye told him NOT to do. Oh well! (Pause.) This can be best summed up by this line from the song: "Mistakes, I've made a few!" This was a big one buddy. This was just one big mess and he should end up in the bottom three for that but I don't think BeckEye will allow that to happen even though she should to scare him into singing better. Randy liked it? Paula liked it too? Simon liked it too? I guess I must have been hearing it wrong. Oh well. I don't like him anyway.

Carly (5707) is a Virgo!! Me too!! Virgos picky not particular. She is singing Total Eclipse of the Heart. (Pause.) I think I might have to stop writing about the contestants that I don't like. It never seems to end well. Carly was kinda boring and a little off key tonight especially on that weird ending. What the hell was that anyway? Generally, she a good singer but I thought she was better last week. She does this thing when she's singing that almost looks like she having sex. She pumps her arms and does this bouncy pelvis thrust thing that is just a little odd. Let's see what the judges say. Randy didn't love it but liked it. It was just okay. Paula liked it and wants to buy it. She loves what she did at the end. As Randy said, it wasn't in tune! Simon says she was uptight. I guess he didn't think the dance move was sex like!

Kermit the Star Search Boy (5708) will be singing "You're the Voice" What the hell is that? (Pause.) That was very "Up with People". I only counted three lip licks but it seemed like the cameras were being pulled away during the time when he would normally lick his lips. He was okay but did miss a few notes. I'm sure the judges will drool all over him. OMG! Simon didn't like it and called it a theme park performance. It's a pageant song. He's a pageant kid. 'Nuff said.

Kristy Lee Cook (5709) is singing "God Bless The USA." Wonderful. This should be a nightmare. (Pause.) I'm sorry, I've had enough of her. She needs to go home. Maybe since VFTW picked her, she'll go home this week. We can only hope. Randy thought is was nice. Paula thought is was a good choice and she sounded stronger. Simon calls it her best performance and thought it was a cleaver song choice. He is right...damn it!

David Cook (5710) is up and singing Billie Jean. From what I heard, he rocked it! (Pause.) THAT was awesome AND the performance of the night! I am buying that on Thursday first thing. I loved the slowed down version better than the original. David is going to win this whole thing! Randy calls him the most original ever and says he may win the whole thing. Paula can't sit down and thinks he is brilliant. Simon called it amazing! He is my American Idol!

Bottom Three: Ramiele, Chikezie, and Syesha. Michael Johns should be here but, after the judges comments, I don't think he will be. Kristy should be here as well but she sang a USA song and has a rabbit's foot up her ass so this will be the first week she is not in the bottom three. Carly also wasn't outstanding but her fans got a scare last week so they will be voting extra hard. David A. will never be in the bottom three until there are only three people left. At which point, David C. will soundly kick his ass! It's getting tough and I think it's going to be the person with the least number of fans heading home tomorrow and that, my friends, will be Chikezie.

Who do you think is going home?

I'd like to take a minute and give a shout out to Rodilyn. Her and her son are contestants on Lifetime's Your Mama Don't Dance and they need your help. Because of poor judging on the part of Ben Vereen (see old post), they are in the bottom two and could be going home this week. Voting is open until Wednesday, click here to vote. Also, stop by her MySpace page and say "HI!"

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Thanks for the shout out.. and HEY! West Coast OVER HERE! Now I've got the complete recap of Idol and it hasn't even started yet.. lol...

Sorry! I guess I should post a warning!! Let me know what you think.

I loved David Cook tonight, but Paula couldn't sit down because she's so loade with meds that she can't find her chair. I think she shared her pain pills with her stylist and they had a fight over the top she was wearing. Even though the stylist ripped part of the top, Paula wore it anyway with some really weird black glovey things. Lord she needs professional help on so many levels.

yes, what WERE THOSE GLOVES? I thought this season was going to be great.. and so far it's just eh for me..

Wow. I wrote my recap before I read yours and it seems we're thinking along the same lines. We both compared Star Search Boy's performance to Up With People, we both called Syesha's baby cry creepy and we both predicted Chikezie would go home. I hope the hour I spent voting for Chikezie (because I have no life) helps him avoid elimination.

No no no no! I was pleasantly surprised by Michael's choice to do the Queen song. He sounded like a rock star. And he looked like a damn wet dream.

I think Ramiele is going home. Why do you call her Pots and Pans by the way? I must have missed something. I love a good nickname, so lay it on me.

I think Paula was going for the 80's look since it was basically 80's week again.

I'm starting to get excited about the season again. I was starting to lose interest when Danny went home. David C., bad hair and all, wormed his way into my heart and now I can't wait to see him perform again.

I think it's country next week with Dolly Parton! I really like her. She is funny and had never taken herself too seriously which is a rare thing with famous folk!

we're recording it to watch in between packing...
I liked Michael Johns more than you... I have to pause when talking about Jason also..
I think I want short stuff to go home..but I think it will be Chickeze..