I think the buzz from the 100 is gone now  

Good evening everyone and welcome to another blog about Your Mama Don't Dance. Tonight, we have the sons and the moms. The last sons and moms show put Rebecca and Jesse and Jeremy and Doris in the bottom two with Jeremy and Doris going home. Do Rebecca and Jesse have enough fire up their butts to keep them out of the bottom two this week? We shall see.

This week should be interesting. The opening says that the Moms and Sons will be dancing through the decades. I wonder what that means? We will find out which daughter dad team is going home first. the couples in the bottom two are Heather and Stephen and Brooke and Eric. I'm pretty sure that Brooke and Eric are safe and...they are! Sorry Heather and Stephen. I hope this show has helped him and that he's no longer thinking about killing himself. Can I just ask, what the hell is Heather wearing on her feet? She looks great in an coral colored halter dress and then, you look down and she has what appears to be unlaced Army boots on. Why did they let her wear those?

The pros are dancing to the 60's tonight. They started in the audience, which I always like and then did a round robin kind of thing around the edge of the dance floor. It was awesome when they were all together in the center dancing. I loved it. It makes me wish So You Think You Can Dance was on year-round! (ETA: You're right Rodilyn, this one seemed longer than the disco number from last week.)

The first pair are Erick and Carol and it looks like their doing the 50's. These two were great last week and got the first (and so far only) 100 point score of the show! During the rehearsal Erick says "I think the buzz from the 100 is gone now." That made me laugh (and is the blog title). Nope, they are doing the 40's to "Jump, Jive and Wail". They were awesome! Carol did a ton of fancy footwork, a tons of lifts, and only seemed to loose her place once (that I could tell). Erick better be careful or he's going to break her! Chris loved it and gives them a 90. CA was impressed and gives them an 84. Ben, the wild card, actually said "Mom, God damn!" I'm pretty sure you can say damn and you can say God but you can't say God Damn together. But maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, Ben liked it and gave them an 80. I don't know how he determines his scores and I don't think he does either!

Jonathan and Rodilyn are the second pair. I wish they weren't going after Erick and Carol. It just makes it that much harder for them. Judging by their outfits (which I love), THEY are doing the 50's. There was tension this week with Rodilyn and Jonathan about a cartwheel. I have to side with Rodilyn. My last cartwheel was when I was about 25 and I knew then that it was my last one. Rodilyn hit the nail on the head when she said "You don't understand it because what you do is so easy for you." Let's see if they came together for the dance this week. They are dancing to "Hound Dog". They did really good especially after the problems they had this week. I looked like Rodilyn was really having fun and she was much looser than last week. I'm assuming that they will get lots of points for improvement. Chris thought they were great and Rodilyn was sassy! He also doesn't understand that as you get older, your body isn't as flexible. He's on my shit list for a little bit. He gives them an 85. CA give them an 85 too and also wants to see the cartwheel. She's my age! She should understand. Oh, wait, she probably has a personal trainer that she stretches and exercises with everyday. She's on my shit list too! Ben babbles on about melding and "Rosilyn" (what a dork) listening to Jonathan and trusting him. At this point, Rodilyn snaps. She has had enough of the judges (professional dancers all) wanting to see the damn cartwheel and gives Ben a piece of her mind. Good for her! Ben gives them a 78. I might as well put Ben on my shit list too!

Jesse and Rebecca are dressed for the 70's..I hope! No, Ian says it's the 80's. I think the song is "Dancing in Heaven". I grew up in the 80's and I don't remember that song or anyone wearing those types of clothes. Maybe it was the early 80's? Ya think? They were better then last week and Rebecca was looser but not much. They made my smile but I didn't clap. Chris gives them an 84. CA gives them an 83. Ben gives them an 82. With their funny and nice comments, Chris and CA are off of my shit list but Ben is still there. If he keeps on scoring crazy, he's going to stay there too!

The one thing that I hate about this show is also the one thing I like. Everyone is likable and everyone seems really nice. It's great because I know that someone I like is going to win but it's also bad because I also know that someone I like is going to lose...a lot! I have a feeling that from here on out, I'm going to get teary at eliminations.

Dante and Dolores are the last pair and they are wearing purple, sequined MC Hammer pants. On second look, the outfits are more like Aladdin as Ian pointed out. Either way, they are hideous! I'm not even going to try to guess what decade they are dancing. They are dancing the 90's to an MC Hammer song, go figure! They are done dancing and I'm not sure what to make of it (since I now know who is in the bottom two and it's not these two). Dolores looked at Dante the entire time. I even think she turned around to see him when she wasn't suppose to be turned around. Her moves were pretty dorky and I didn't think showed any improvement over last week. I even think she went backwards. It seemed like she started off behind and spent the entire dance trying to catch up. It's hard for me to be so hard on her because, guess what, I like her and Dante (because, if you're going to be gay, it's best to be flaming). If I didn't already know they made the top two, I'd bet a million buck they were in the bottom two. Chris gives the an 80. CA gives them an 81. Ben give them a 90 and is still on my shit list.

Before we find out who the bottom two pairs are (which I already know) I have to pause and take a moment to address Ben's judging technique if you can call it that. I have no clue how he scores the pairs.

Lets take a look at the scoring for this evening in order (Chris, CA, Ben):
Erick and Carol: 90, 84, 80
Jonathan and Rodilyn: 85, 85, 78
Jesse and Rebecca: 84, 83, 82
Dante and Dolores: 80, 81, 90

Chris has them scored in the order that I would say they did and is fairly consistent. CA is also consistent although she doesn't agree with me which is fine. Ben, however, is all over the map. He gives the best pair an 80 and the worst pair a 90? What is up with that? Who can a normal, seeing person think that Dante and Dolores were 8-12 points better then the other pairs? I don't get it and, for that, Ben is permanently on my shit list.

With that said, the bottom two pairs are Jesse and Rebecca (again) and Jonathan and Rodilyn. You can vote for your favorite pair *cough*Jonathan and Rodilyn*cough* until Wednesday. Here's the link: http://dance.mylifetime.com/on-tv/shows/your-mama-dont-dance/vote/vote

Please go vote...NOW!

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I have to say.. I love your freaking blog. You are a great writer, and you are hilarious. This is the only blog I have found that tells it like it is, and doesn't make up shit as they go along. I swear you should be a comedienne (did I spell that correctly?) I just want to know why your blog is so low on google search.. We need to work on that... make sure you get the name of the show (Your Mama Don't Dance- duh like you don't know that... haha and the network Lifetime) somewhere in your post. I think the more it is repeated the higher you will go on the search engine.. and hello- you'll get more readers. You're such a great writer- you should consider your own website to host your blogs so you can host google ads and make some money... Holla at me if you want to know how to do that.. I have a site (www.southbaystylist.com) it's just my hair salon website that I created myself- thank you... and because I get so many hits- for some reason we are at the top of the search engine for haircolor pictures... I get loads of people passing through- they click my google ads and voila I get a check at the end of the month for sitting on my a$$. Since you're going to write anyway- you might as well be paid for it! Get on it!


My friend Rodilyn (Yes the best parent dancer on Your Mama don't Dance) just told me about this site. I am so glad she found it. Finally, someone that is honest about the show. I have been reading such crap for weeks. The writing is hilarious and to the point, and its nice to know that Ben is on your shit list too. Enough of him. Please, someone slap him to wake him up and give him a pair of glasses. I am looking forward to more postings here about the show. I hope voters get it right this week. VOTE FOR JON AND RODILYN! They deserve it.


Jon and Rodilyn got the most love. You must really like them. Hope they stay in the competition. Thanks for your imput :)

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. I try to be fair but I may be leaning a little bit towards Jonathan and Rodilyn. *wink*

Rodilyn, thanks for the advice. I've started looking into all that. It would be great to make money by doing this!


Yes Kristi, I adore them. Keep writing and voting! We are counting the hours and hoping for the right results. I tried to put in my name when I left a comment, but it came out as annonymous. I am a technically challenged.. Sorry. So, my name is Rhonda. Have a great one.

Welcome Rhonda!!! I hope I can get them some more votes!