Don't You (Forget About Me)  

That's what someone will be singing to themselves tonight on their way to pack their bags for the trip home and I'm betting it's Chikezie. After reading the blogs today (see list on right side), most people agree with me...some people seem to agree WAY too much! *cue Twilight Zone Music*

I let my TiVo run without me awhile tonight because these hour results shows are WAY too long. Besides, if I miss anything funny, I have all the other blogs to let me know (see list on right side...again).

Has anyone else noticed that scarves seem to be popular this year. What's up with that? Was there a memo I missed? If so, are there rules?

The group sing was awesomely cheesy as always and I loved it! Not as much to point out this time except one thing. I think Jason went to the Davy Jones School of Dance!!! Maybe they should have sang Daydream Believer instead.

I skipped the iTunes crap and the highlights. I don't have a short term memory problem. Besides, I've been reading about last night's show all darn day!

Results Step one:
Chikezie - bottom three
Brooke - safe
Carly - safe

I was going to ask all of you about the rumor that someone on the show was pregnant but now I don't have to. We really do live in an Instant Gratification Society don't we?

Ford video. Pretty cool effects.

Results step two:
David A. - safe (it was "Up with People")
David Cook - safe (big time)
Syesha - bottom three
Michael Lee Johns - safe

Dolly is next week!! I love her! If you haven't seen "Best Little Whore House in Texas" rent it! It might be in the 2 for $8.00 bin at Wal-mart. When she sing I Will Always Love You to Bert Reynolds, I cry...every time! Hard Candy Christmas is an awesome song too! I saw her on a best duets program on CMT. She was with Kenny Rogers singing Islands in the Stream and she carried Kenny for the entire song.

I'm skipping the stupid phone calls! I'm going to skip Kim too. I didn't watch Idol when she was on it.

I've almost caught up with real time!

Results step three:
Ramiele - must be safe WOW! Does that mean Jason is in the bottom three?
Jason - bottom three
Kristy - safe

I almost got the bottom three right! Jason is freaked out but safe! That was quick!

I have now caught up to real time and that's a real bummer! Now I'm stuck watching commercials.


Where's everybody from?


98% of all commercials are boring. 100% of the commercials during this break are boring. Airplane defects in the news!

The person going home tonight is..................Chickezie! I got 20 points in MJ's Office Pool!

I liked Chikezie but not as much as some of the others. Early face time helps A LOT!

Do you call it too?

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I can't believe you liked that opening number. That David/Michael mid-air chest bump almost made me vomit.

I'm not great with the picks this year. I was so much more accurate last year.

Thanks for the link! I'm pretty upset that Chikezie was eliminated. Why did so many people have to vote for Syesha's lackluster performance last night?