I almost peed my pants!  

This poster was featured in a post on the Photoshop Disasters website. He put up an impressively funny blog on his MySpace page. I almost peed my pants!!!! Read it here and come back to tell me what you thought!

Who knew he was THAT funny?!?!

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I'm not a huge Dane Cook fan, but he got in a couple of good jabs about the movie poster (I esp. liked the Marie Osmond doll reference). It sounds like the marketing people made a mistake in leaving Alec Baldwin's face off the poster. Because of Alec's hilarious role on "30 Rock", I'd think the makers of "My Best Friend's Girl" would want to highlight the fact that he's in their film.


I don't care much for Dane Cook either but I do like Kate Hudson.

He's a mighty clever comic writer, that's for sure. I also almost peed my pants but fortunately you had given me warning!

I'm sure his rant is 20 times funnier than that movie is.