The Love Boat  

Howdy! I know I haven't done a blog in a while but I just had to share this. I'm watching the season premier of Dancing with the Star and it just dawned on me! This show is this decades answer to The Love Boat! You have the "has-beens", the "wanna-bes" and athletes making guest appearances. The professional dancers are the "ship's crew" and Tom is Capt. Stubing. I just can't decide who is Julie, the cruise director, Tom's annoying co-host or Cherly Burke. Who didn't look too happy walking down the stairs tonight, by the way. Is she disappointed with her partner or is she having trouble in her personal life. Is she still trying to steal Drew from his wife or is that a done deal?

Anyway, it's off to Vegas in a few days so I will have pics and things to post when I get back. Especially pics of my new doo which is FIERCE!!!

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