Top 9: Part Deux  

I'm watching in the new place, on the big TV, and in HD! No pausing tonight. I'll be live blogging the highlights in order to enjoy the return of Glee in HD!!

Remember, two people leave this week.

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It's Elvis night but since Elvis is dead, Adam is the mentor. I'm not sure if that makes sense but I do love Adam!!

Glee in the house!!!!!!!!!!! Oh! There's Sue, Mr. Shue, Principal Figgins, Arte, the jewish kid with the fuzzy hair, etc.

Crystal is up first and she's okay for me tonight but not my favorite from her. Randy loved it. Ellen says fantastic. Kara calls it solid. Simon.....FINN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew is next and Adam calls him boring. Go Adam!! Well, I'm going out on a limb and saying that Andrew will be one of the kids going home tomorrow. He managed to completely suck the life out of Hound Dog. Randy says it was not good and didn't like it. Ellen thinks he pulled it off. She has got to leave after this season or grow a set. Ellen, it's okay to not like something.  Kara thinks he didn't own it. Her hair is extra horrible tonight. Simon says it didn't feel like a star performance. He is so right. Andrew sucked and is going home tomorrow.

TIMMEH is next! I have to prepare my phone for power texting!

I think Ryan is dancing with a dude during Tim's performance. Well, I LOVED it!!! You go Timmy!!!! Randy liked it. Ellen enjoyed Tim and calls it beautiful. Kara says it was her favorite Tim performance. Simon calls it beautiful too and thinks he's gone from Zero to Hero in a few weeks.

Lee is goofing the song up! He's covering well. Didn't Daughtry hit this one OUT OF THE PARK? I'm pretty sure he did. This does not measure up. Randy thinks he's in the zone. Ellen says he made the song current. Kara thinks he went for it. Simon says it was on the money. Maybe I only thought he goofed it up. Oh well. I'm voting for Timmy anyway.

Aaron changed "liquor" to "cider". That's about the only thing I found interesting with his performance. I think he's in trouble. Randy got half of it. Ellen liked it. Kara liked it. Simon called it old fashioned.

Siobhan is singing one of my favorites! I'm over her. I think most of her songs seem the same, a little slow and a little sleepy until the big notes toward the end. Maybe Broadway is where she should be. Randy is sitting in front of Principal Figgins! I see Arte behind Ellen. Kara is confused and in front of Finn. Simon says something about a time machine and that he didn't like the first part.

Has Big Mike never heard In The Ghetto??? I find that a little hard to believe. It is also one of my favorites. It might even be first. I'm not digging Mike's version. Is anyone shocked by that? You shouldn't be. Way too many runs thrown in for my taste. Randy calls is sleepy but hot. Ellen is glad they saved him. They are running out of time and I can't remember what Kara or Simon said.

Katie is singing a song that I don't think I've ever heard of. Overall, I liked it but she was pitchy at times. Randy calls it very nice. Ellen makes a bad horn joke. Kara needs to wear clothes that don't look like they're falling off. Simon didn't like it.

Casey is last. It's not my favorite from him but he has nothing to worry about. He's hot! Randy calls it solid. Ellen loves his voice. Kara thinks it fell short. Simon calls it a wasted opportunity.

I think Aaron and Andrew are history tomorrow. What do you think?

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I hope it's Andrew and Aaron leaving, but I have a feeling one of those two will be safe. I'm glad Tim's improving though! We need that kid around as long as possible! I spent about 15 minutes dialing in votes for him.

Aaron really said "cider?" HAHAHA. I didn't catch that.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who cared much more about the Glee kids in the audience.


Glee was awesome last night! Did you catch the Vogue piece after the show. I loved it. Sue is half of what makes the show great, maybe even more than half.
Oh, right this is about Idol. I hope you're right and Andrew and Aaron go home tonight!

The season premiere of "Glee" was outstanding! Brittany (the blonde "Cheerio") has become one of my favorite characters on the show. I love her deadpan delivery ("Sometimes I forget my middle name")