It's a two for one sale!  

Two contestants are history tonight. I am very close to being history too. I've spent the last four hours trying to unpack the billions of boxes that are still left from the move. One thing that I've decided is that I have WAY too many DVD and not enough books. I'll have to fix that.

First up (after a bunch of filler) is the group sing. I found out from Chris Sligh that when he was a contestant, they would lip-sync the group parts but the solos were live. I'd like them to start doing that again because these All Lip-Syncing performances suck!

BTW, Glee was excellent last night!! I can't WAIT until next week!!!

Ryan says it's time for the results.

Casey is first to stand and then Aaron and then Andrew. All three are asked to go to the center of the stage. They get their recaps. Andrew is wearing a HORRIBLE shirt/bow tie combo! Ryan asks stupid filler questions and then chops Andrew off at the knees. The other two are safe.

Does that mean Timmy is in trouble? I hope not. I do remember that Sanjaya was given the boot right before Idol Gives Back. Not sure if that means anything but I thought I'd throw it out there.

Who is this greasy guy singing (badly) with Brooke White??? This is very bad. I'm wishing I had done the No Filler version tonight.

Elliot was there tonight. Why the hell didn't they have him sing? If he was on this season, he would sooo win. Hell, he should have won his season not Taylor! He's still my favorite Idol.

More results. The rest of the Idol go to the middle of the stage. Lee gets his recap and a stupid question. Siohan gets her recap. Katie get her recap and a stupid question.

Big Mike gets his recap and a question about the Save. Crystal is next for her recap. I'm worried for Timmy! Tim gets his recap.

Crystal is safe.

Siobhan is safe.

Lee is safe.

That leaves Big Mike, Timmy, and Katie in the bottom. We will find out who goes home after Adam Lambert.

He's doing "What Do You Want From Me". I was hoping that he'd do "Strut" I like to walk to that one! LOL

In honor of this year's contestants, Adam slowed the beginning WAY down. WOW!! Too much fog machine. I can hardly see him. I will have to say that Adam is the best thing that Idol stage has seen this season! Contestants AND guests!

The person going home is not TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope it's Big Mike just because.

It's Katie. Oh well. I didn't really like her either.

Goodbye, Katie!

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"but the solos were live" wait, what? I'm confused. You mean the solo within the group sing?

Oops, looks like blogger is screwing up commenting (again)

That's what Chris said. I'd like that better then the 100% lip syncing that is going on now. YUCK!

Lip synching on American Idol! That's not even close to being right.

By the way, welcome back to the blogosphere! I'll re-add you to my blogroll.