Idol gives back and then Madonna!!!  

Ryan starts the show rather quickly since it's only a one hour show.

Can I just say....holy boobs Crystal!!! Whoa mama!!

Casey drew the Deadman's spot and he's singing "Don't Stop". I think that's right in his wheel house. I like his hair down better. I like the guitar playing but everything else is just alright. He keeps doing the same thing and it's getting old. He'll have a pretty good career I think but I don't think he'll win this show unless he starts doing something more. Randy agrees with me. Ellen like the guitar too. Ellen was a little harsh for Ellen. Kara has bed head. Simon doesn't think it was inspirational and called it lazy.

My washer is sounding REALLY bad right now! I'm wondering what the hell I put in it.

Lee is singing "The Boxer". I wish he wouldn't mumble so much. I caught a glimpse of something in his mouth. Was that spit or rubberbands??? I was distracted during the whole thing. Randy thinks he's an artist. Ellen says best performance by far. Kara thinks he had his moment. Simon calls it the best of the night. Simon did a funny. Simon also calls it brilliant.

Tim is trying "Better Days". Alright!! I was a little worried when he started but he pulled it off! Randy thinks it just sounded okay. Ellen didn't like him. Kara babbles on. Simon says he doesn't believe it and calls it a let down. I liked it. I'll be voting again. :) HEY! He was in the same spot last week.

Aaron is singing a song he's been singing since he was 5...which means he's been singing it for about 3 years. It's "I Believe I can Fly" and I believe that I'm going to puke. He REALLY looks like Rachel Maddow tonight. I really want someone to chop off the arms of all the girls in the idiot pits. He hit a bunch of glory notes so everyone loved it...except me. Randy thinks he did a good job. Ellen thinks he handled it real well. Kara compares it to flying. Simon pulls everyone back to reality and says he would turn it off if he heard it on the radio...ME TOO! Then again, I do that to the original as well.

People on Twitter didn't like Tim. Poo on them! Then again, if I'm honest with myself, I'm not going to buy this song or anything by anyone this season except for Crystal. It's just fun voting for Tim!

OMG!!! I can't wait for Glee!!!!!

Siobhan is going to rub her funk on some Whitney Houston. Siobhan is no Whitney Houston. Hell! Whitney Houston isn't even Whitney Houston anymore. What in the HELL is Siobhan wearing? Well, that was odd. Randy says it was just okay. I'm skipping Ellen. Kara needs to eat a sandwich. Simon didn't like it and didn't like the leaves butterflies. Siobhan babbles on about how she loves the song.

Big Mike is doing "Hero". I'm not sure if I should even say anything about this. It's pretty much the same thing he does every week just with the band a little louder. He doesn't float my boat and never will. Found out that my dad doesn't like him either. Randy thinks he worked it out. Ellen says great job. Kara didn't like it. Simon doesn't like that the song was from Spiderman.

Crystal just looked weird in the dress, with that hair, playing the air guitar...badly.

Crystal is singing "People Get Ready". Well, she won the night with the first 10 seconds!! I'm going to have to buy this one. Her mic stand is the one that she had shipped from home. GOOD LORD! She broke down and cried at the end. Randy says unbelievable. Ellen thinks she looks beautiful. Kara says she schooled all the contestants. Simon calls it inspirational.

Well, she won the night and is totally safe. I would mind seeing Lee, Big Mike or Casey go home. And I REALLY wouldn't mind it is Aaron or Siobhan left. I'd like Tim to stay because I like an underdog!

What do you think?


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I have never thought to put Aaron and Rachel Maddow together, but you are soooooooooooooooo right!

I did my part and voted for Tim! I think Casey's going home this week.

hahaha, I almost mentioned the saliva strings in Lee's mouth too! But I just stuck with his super shiny lips.

GLEE! is right!


If Casey goes home he really won't care much. He's a happy-go-lucky guy for the most part and I think will be just fine with it. He, like everyone else, knows he's not going to win this but his career is set for certain. Siobhan may very well find herself going home tonight. She had some really good performances early on "Paint It Black" for example, but lately is floundering and doesn't seem to know what to do! Her voice is incredible but not particularly current. She'd do well on Broadway! That's not an insult btw! The only people who should be safe tonight are Crystal and Lee IMO!


I had to google Rachel Maddow..
Crystal made me cry
Aaron needs to go home.. but Casey will..