idol's giving back but it's not our lost time  

This season has been...well...boring. I'm pretty sure that everyone would agree that Crystal is in a class by herself. If she doesn't win, I'm not sure who's going to. For her to lose this season, she would have to refuse to sing for the rest of the season.

HEY!! They got the Prez and Michelle to open the show! That's way better then listening to Ryan.

I'm not sure how much blogging I'm going to do but I'll get the important stuff.

Queen Latifa is at the other location.

The group sing lip-synch includes the entire top 12 all dressed in white/silver. Yep, it sucked.

The Black Eyed Peas are up now. I thought Fergie's outfit/swimsuit fit her really strange. For some reason, I couldn't stop staring at her crotch.

BTW, I'm not blogging the sad stuff. Well, besides the results.

I'm also not blogging the stupid jokes and gags.

I will have to say that George Lopez was pretty funny.

Crystal and Casey are asked to go to the center of the stage. They get their recaps and Casey is the in the bottom three.

Aaron and Lee are called to the center of the stage. After their recaps, it's Aaron in the bottom three.

It's Jeff Beck and Joss Stone over at Queen's place.

Alicia Keys is up on the Idol main stage.

I almost forgot to tell you! I got the Glee "The Power of Madonna" CD! That was a GREAT show!

Is it just me or is Alicia a little pitchy tonight?

Carrie Underwood is up. MAN! This night is going SLOW! Does that make me a bad person?

FINALLY! More results! The final three, Mike, Siobhan, and Tim, are called to the center of the stagefor their recaps. After all that, it's Tim in the bottom three. Bummer.

David Cook in the house!!!!! It doesn't look like he'll be singing. Bummer!

Okay, the Anne Lennox story made me cry.

The person going home is not Aaron. SHIT! That mean Tim's going home. CRAP!

And I'm................right!!! TIMMEH!!! We love you!!!!!

That took FOREVER! (Yes, I'm already going to rot in hell so complaining about a charity show isn't really going to add to that....I don't think. Maybe I should cross my fingers.)

Best story of the night: Anne Lennox
Best Performance of the night: Stairway to Heaven

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If it's any consolation, I couldn't stop staring at Fergie's crotch either.

Holy shit, that kid with Annie Lennox made me cry, too. And I didn't even see it coming. All of a sudden my face was wet.

How is this season going to be entertaining without Tim? What a sad way to end the night!