Any Idol of mine, better end on time  

...because it's GLEE NIGHT!! Yes, Glee is the most awesome show on TV! Today, I almost said it was the best EVER but Buffy is still number one in my heart and mind...but Glee is a strong second. Third would have to be So You Think You Can Dance (which is going to start again soon with changes that I'm not sure I'm going to like but I'll talk about that later).

Tonight, it's Idol first with the Shania Twain Songbook. Is there such a thing? I can think of three songs she's famous for, "Any Man of Mine", "Who's Bed Have Your Boots Been Under", and "Man, I Feel Like a Woman". If a guys sings that last one, I'm going to faint! Oh! I just thought of one more, "That Don't Impress Me Much". And how could I forget "Honey, I'm Home"! I use to sing that at Karaoke. Wouldn't that be funny if THAT was the song Crystal sang?!? She has a habit of singing my songs. Well, that's only five songs. I wonder what the last Idol is going to sing.

Ryan starts the show by reminding us what the Idols use to do. Glass blower would be an interesting job. He tells us that $45 million dollars was raised last week on Idol Gives back. That's pretty good.

Since when is Shania the Queen of Country? Isn't that Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton?

Anyway, Lee is up first singing "You're Still The One".He starts it a little slow ad had me worried but he picked it up. It's nice. He'll make it to next week. I'm thinking final two for him. Randy thinks he did a pretty good job. Should I even bother typing what Ellen is saying? Kara says good job. Simon thinks it was the perfect song for Lee. Kara interrupted him and them he threw a hissy fit.

Big Mike is doing "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" Not sure what this song is but I'm sure Mike will slap some Theatre on it. He manages to keep the Theatre under control but it looks like it's a hard thing for him to do. Randy says "Stay who you are". Ellen felt it. Kara says he felt connected. Simon calls the performance "wet". Okay.

Brittany "I'm pretty sure my cat's been reading my diary." I love her!

Casey is singing "Don't". I DON'T know this one either. He's doing a pretty good job but the band kind of drowns him out at times. I think after last week in the bottom three, he's fan are going to be dialing and texting until their fingers bleed. Randy calls it the best Casey James ever. Ellen thinks that he should sings songs like this. Kara thinks he didn't hide. Simon thinks it's his best so far as well and tells him to kiss Shania on the lips. Shania gets up and hugs him but avoids lip contact. Casey sure looked like he wanted to kiss her! LOL.

Crystal is up and is she singing my song? Nope, it's "No One Needs To Know". Country is NOT her thing. She's not doing bad but it is no where near her best in my book. Don't get me wrong, she can sing. Country just isn't her thing. Randy loves her and glad she did a county version of the country song. Ellen says it wasn't her favorite. Kara agrees the the "guys". I thought she got the memo on calling Ellen a guy. Simon calls it limp and compares it to unwanted coffee shop entertainment. Ryan turns up the heat on Crystal's boyfriend. I'm assuming that he's the Baby Daddy. My advice, marry her before she gets famous and doesn't want you anymore.

OH!! They just had an anti-smoking commercial with an asthmatic kitteh. Another good reason to quit smoking! Save the kitteh! I'm sure this applies to doggies too.

Aaron is singing "You Got Away". I guess these songs are from the time that I didn't listen to country, 1995 to present. LOL! Just kidding! Is he wearing a Member's Only jacket? Okay, he is SO going home tomorrow. Yucky poo! Snoozefest to the nth degree. Bye Bye's about time. Randy must have heard something I didn't because he says he did a good job. Ellen reminds us that Aaron is REALLY young. Kara agrees with Ellen and talks about sex with the little kid. Simon liked it too. Bummer! I want him gone!

Last up is Siobhan with "Any Man Of Mine". She is so low energy. Even with all the clapping she doesn't seem excited about it and is just strolling around. OMG!! The horrible screaming final note is back. Randy, Ellen, and Kara loved it. Simon thought she was giving birth with that last note. Some people think she'll make the top three. I hope she leaves tomorrow. I don't think I'll get what I want since the Worsters are voting for her now that Timmeh is gone.

I hope that either Aaron, Big Mike or Siobhan go home tomorrow but, despite his "brush with death" last week, Casey might be hitting the road.

What do you think?

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Siobhan sucked big time. I don't know what they were all smoking. Besides having no rhythm and no bounce in her step... that final note makes me wanna pooh! Her voice cracks every time... how do they not hear that? It's not professional and it's this underground following of untalented people that bothers me so much with that age group. Yes I realize that makes me sound old. Siobhan needs to go away. Siobhan/Sanjaya BLaH!

Hey now! Don't put Sanjaya with Siobhan! That's my man! It truth, he could really sing. Check out his version of "Bathwater". I love it!

I thought Siobhan was kinda fun. I don't care though. I'm more concerned over why Jesse St. James didn't even have ONE stinkin' line in this episode of "Glee!"

I think Big Mike could be going home. He was the most forgettable, in my opinion.