help, help me move. you know i'd help you  

Well, I'm ready to move! The only things left to pack are the TV's, the computer, and the stuff we need to get clean in the morning. The movers come at 9am. I wish could be later but that's the price we pay for living on the mall.

Oh! Don't worry, none of you have to come and help me move. I just couldn't think of another blog title. :)

I'm living blogging tonight so if you don't want to know the results as the happen on the East Coast, don't hang around here!

Que over the top intro because this is American Idol.

Ryan promises shocking results so stay tuned!

The group sing is back! I think the kids are getting better at lip-syncing but only a little. LOL!!!!

Crappy Ford commercial music video time.

Tim always see the silver lining. Love him! I hope he makes it tonight!

Siobhan stands, is given her recap, Ryan talks to the judges, and she is is asked to stand in the center of the stage.

Oh no! Not this again!

Crystal is given her recap and also told to go stand in the center of the stage.

Katie gets her recap, Ryan asks her a question to give her a chance to talk about her Grandma. She also goes to the middle of the stage.

Ryan is acting a little strange and then tells Crystal she is safe. Then Ryan tells the other two that they are safe as well. So much for shocking.

Adam Lambert is the mentor next week AND Glee is back!!

Jason deSomebody is performing. At least he's actually singing even if he is a little pitchy.

Eating Ben & Jerry's with a plastic spoon is a little hard...get it? Hard? Like ice cream! Thank you! I'll be here all week! No! Wait! I won't...duh...I'm moving tomorrow!

Archie is up with a really bad haircut. Still not a fan of his.

Lee: stands, recap, questions, far side of stage.

Michael: stands, recap, questions, close side of the stage (that would be NEAR SIDE, Ryan).

Casey: stands, recap, questions, and joins Lee.

Aaron: stands, recap, questions to Simon, and joins Michael.

Timmeh!!!!!: Randy is an ass! Tim goes to the Lee/Casey group.

Andrew: stands, recap, questions, and he is with Mike and Aaron.

Ryan says one group is the bottom three and one is safe. Does this mean Tim isn't going to be in the bottom three?!?!?!

IT DOES!!!!!

Michael, Aaron, and Andrew are the bottom with Aaron being sent to safety!!

I would imagine that the "shocking" part is the Tim is safe and Mike is in the bottom. If Mike is the one given the boot, the judges will use the save. No doubt in my mind. But I don't think that is going to happen. I think Andrew is history...finally!!

Chris Brown's ex is on now. She's got a smokin' body!!!

OH! For all my DC area readers: Don't forget that Lady Gaga tickets go on sale for the Sept. 7th show on Saturday. I'm hoping to see all the little monsters there!!!

Here we go!

It's MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike will be singing for his life!!!

Will the judges save him?

Yes, they will. We will lose two next week.

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Just so you know: Not only would I help you move, I'd help you move a body.

'Cuz that's the way I roll.

Well, you may not have gotten your wish to see Michael leave, but at least we don't have to have the fake drama surrounding the Judges' Save anymore.

Ya gotta wonder, just how much of that smokin' body is real and how much is stitched into that Catwoman outfit. Just sayin'.