Idol - Birthday Dinner and Moving version  

Hey! Just got back from a birthday dinner for my Aunt Shelley. We had good food and a good time. I'm trying to watch just the singing parts of Idol so I can say I did something Idol tonight.

Aaron - Long and Boring Performance - He could be in trouble.

Katie - Let it Be...left in the vintage shop - She sounded good but it was boring and her outfit looks like something from the early eighties.

Andrew - Can't Buy Me a Personality - Kinda of a 50's big band/rock a billy version?? I'm just confused.

Big Mike - Eleanor Rigby goes to the theatre - I do have to say that this is my favorite from Mike and, so far, the best of the night.

Crystal - Come Together - Big Mike just got served! I love this girl.

I think they really want Tim to leave. Only thing worse than going first, going after Crystal.

Tim - All my Loving and my votes are going to Tim - Remember in Animal House when that folk singer is sitting on the stairs playing that guitar at the party and Bluto comes by and smashes the guitar against the wall? That's what Tim reminded me of at the beginning of the song. Actually, he didn't do too bad! Go TIM!!!!

Casey - Jealous Cougars - Heard a little rumor that Casey's gay. Don't know how true it is but it's out there. His hair is looking hawt tonight! I liked it but maybe I just like looking at him. Who knows? All I know is that he's safe.

Siobhan - Across the ....*snore* - Sorry, I fell asleep. BORING! Also very nasaly.

Lee - Hey, Dude!! We've seen this before! - It was okay but I wish he would have done something exciting with it. Word for the night: boring. One more thing - Bagpipes??

Bottom three: Tim, Andrew, Aaron. I think (hope) Andrew will be leaving tomorrow.What say you?

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Wow, we picked the same Bottom 3! The only difference is that I have Aaron leaving instead of Andrew. I'd rather it be Andrew though. I've been sick of him since the first week of the Semifinals.

I think Idol went cheap with the bagpipes. I love bagpipes (I'd learn to play them if I didn't think Mrs. High Lord would kick me out of the house), but one single guy? WTF? If you're going to have bagpipes, you need a whole parade's worth. Plus drummers.


I thought Casey was the best of the night. He finally made an emotional connection to the song and the result was beautiful! For the first time, I thought, "I'd buy his record." and yeah, he's pretty cute ;)

Crystal was not that good!! IS EVERYONE TAKING CRAZY PILLS??? *hyperventilates*

OK, I'm better now.