release the kraken my ass  

I wasn't going to live blog right away but after that horrendous opening, how could I not?!?! It was a mash-up between a Clash of the Titans trailer and Idol recap with Simon made to be the kraken. First of all, that much cross promotion just turns viewers off and secondly, who is going to see the remake of that movie anyway? The original is the best and always will be. YUCK!!!

Well, all the kids are on the couches already so it looks like we will not be getting our group sing. Why do I continue to watch this show?

I'm skipping Reuben. I didn't start watching Idol until season three and only really care about Kelly from season one and no one from season two.

I'm skipping the Ford commercial too.

Let's get going already! Mike has a pink rattail for tonight. Crystal stopped playing the piano because the guitar was easier to carry around. Andrew's mom is in the audience. OMG! More Clash of the Titans. Give me a break.

Lee stands, is given his recap, answers questions from Ryan, and told to sit down because he is safe.

Casey is next. Recap, questions, safe.

Aaron is next. Recap, questions, Ryan and Simon banter, safe.

Siobhan and Katie stand together. Recap and questions for Siobhan. Recap and questions for Katie. Siobhan is safe. Katie is in the bottom three.

Woo hoo! I got one so far.

That little girl boy, Justin Beiber is in the audience. I'm excited. Can't you tell?

OMG! It's Usher singing OMG. Well, I don't think he's lip-syncing. Is it just me or or those dance moves a little corny? I'm just stunned. This might be on the same level with the horrible Ke$ha performance from a couple of weeks ago. When is Idol going to get a mentor that can actually sing?

Didi stands: recap, questions, bottom three. Yes! Two for two so far.

Big Mike stands sans pink rattail: recap, questions to the judges, after Ryan teases me, Big Mike is safe. Then he picks Ryan up ALL THE WAY into the air.

Crystal is next: recap and safe.

Tim and Andrew are left and asked to stand. Recap for Tim, questions for Kara, Tim has a great attitude! Andrew gets his recap and Tim is in the bottom three.

I called the entire bottom three!! Woo hoo for me!

Katie is sent back to safety now and it's just Tim and Didi in the bottom.

Diddy Dirty Money??? Hello, good morning? THIS is crappy lip-syncing at it's worst...or would that be best? How many seizures did this performance cause across America?

Okay! Do I REALLY have to continue blogging this year?? It sucks sooooo bad. I'm not sure I can do it any more. Let me know your thoughts.

OH! It's P. Ditty with Dirty Money! I thought that looked like P. Ditty. I guess he's just going by Diddy now? Whatever.

YES!!!  Didi is going home!! I got everything right!!!!!!!!

Well, Didi is "in danger" of going home...damn Save. I'm sure the judges won't use it.

And I'm right! Didi is gone!

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Congrats on the predictions! And whoo-hoo, our boy Tim is safe!

Congrats, Miss Know-it-All. ;)

I hate being wrong! I'm going to go throw a Siobhanesque tantrum now. DON'T FOLLOW ME! GET THAT CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE!


Please don't stop blogging! You do a great job. But someone please tell me who the heck is Justin Bieber?? He looks like he's 10 years old!!

Justin Bieber is a little kid that all the little girls (and Ryan) are coo-coo over. I think he has the number one song in the nation right now. If you use Tweeter, whatever you do, DO NOT mention his name in a tweet. You'll get strange followers.

i absolutely HATE idol though somehow i get suckered back in to watching it for a bit. i guess maybe it's cos my husband watches it lol i'm usually tuned into biggest loser on tuesdays lol no surprise tim was in the bottom three and part of bottom two. he's not a great singer. if, and this is a big if, he can get any better he has a chance because people like his 'look'. he's an older justin bieber with the exception that, even though justin sounds like a girl, he can actually sing lol i have to live with two justin bieber fans: my girls lol i don't mind ONE of his songs.haha

haha @ missingjen saying he looks 10. i agree he looks about 12-13, but he's actually 16. he is the youngest person to score a #1 album since stevie wonder did it @ age 13 in 1963. oh yes. his album is #1...aren't you all excited? lol

re: usher...that song sounds great on the RADIO, but it sucked live..well, not haha