No Alex : No Fun  

I go away on a short vacation and all hell brakes lose! Okay, America, who's responsible for this mess?? Todrick was expected but the other three?!?!? Are you taking crazy pills?!?! Seriously, WTF?!?!? Beckeye is right on the money with her blog. I'm not even sure I want to watch any more. The only good thing is that we're down to two nights this week.

One thing I HAVE to mention is that train wreck of a duet by Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud from last season. Did they even rehearse? In case you missed it, here it is.

YUCK!!! I'm ashamed to say I follow they both on Twitter. Something that I will fix right now!

I'll be back to blog in about 45 minutes.

Crap! I follow too many people. I was searching for Scott and Matt and gave up. I'll just wait until they Tweet again and then WATCH OUT! I'm unfollowing!

Well, I have 20 minutes to kill before Idol so here are my Idol thoughts. The people I DON'T want to win would be Katie, Paige, Andrew, Aaron and Michael. Katie and Paige made the list because I'm still mad about them making it over Lilly (Katelyn, not so much). Andrew has turned out to be a one-trick-pony and the neck tattoo is annoying. Aaron is just plain annoying and I haven't liked Michael since the beginning. If you check my iTunes, you'll find a lot of things but what you won't find is anything that sounds like Mike. He just doesn't sing my type of music. That being said, I do think he will be in the final two. I'm thinking that the other person in the top two will be Crystal with Big Mike taking the prize. You heard it here first!

It's Rolling Stones night on Idol. I'm a little stunned about that but let's see how the kids do. The judges and Ryan enter the show via the huge doors on the stage. I hope no one falls off the stairs this year.

DAMN! I should have call this post: "We Kick Them to the Curb Unless they SOUND Like Mick Jagger" cuz that's what's gonna happen.

Michael Lynche - "Miss You" - 1-866-436-5701 - I learned two things with that performance, 1) I don't like the R&B version of the Stones and 2) I can't watch Big Mike perform, he looks so cheesy at times. Anyway, He was okay. I don't think he got lost on the stage but I don't think her used it to his advantage. Randy thinks he slayed it. Ellen asks what's not to love. Ellen, see above. Kara looks like she got into a fight with a curling iron and the curling iron won. Simon calls it corny at time and a tiny bit desperate. Ryan and Simon has another awkward moment at the end.

Didi Benami - "Play With Fire" - 866-436-5702 - Get some chair time with Ryan and we find out Didi's mom isn't in the audience. Ooops! She forgot some of the words. The first time it wasn't too bad but the second time...everyone noticed. I liked this when it started up but I think she should have picked up the speed a bit cuz I got bored. I think she has an interesting voice but I'd rather hear Lilly sing this. Randy says she was on fire. Ellen likes that she didn't let forgetting her word throw her off. I'm not sure what Kara's shirt is made of. Simon agrees with everyone and is wearing a Mr. Roger's sweater.

Casey James - "It's All Over Now" -
1-866-436-5703 -Damn! He's hot! What was I saying about Mike and Crystal being the final two? I can't remember because THAT was hot! He may not be the best singer but he's got it going on. I may have to fight Bryan for him. Randy says he's back. Ellen thinks most women's hearts will race but for "people like me" ... "Blondes" it was great! It might be some type of metal. Simon thinks he looks great but calls it an audition performance. Well, he got he gig in my book!

Side note: I follow Kirstie Alley and she is a little crazy but in a good way. She seems like a real person unlike some of the celebrities I follow. I think I'm going to love her new show. I hope you watch!

Lacey Brown - "Ruby Tuesday" - 866-436-5704 -She is really reminding me of Cyndi Lauper right now. I think it might be the outfit. Oh boy. Unless someone sucks worse, she's history tomorrow. It was an odd arrangement and not in a good way. Randy calls it interesting but wasn't jumping up and down about it. Ellen thought it was weird because when it was slow she was standing and when it was fast she was sitting. Do you think it could be plastic? Simon thinks she's over thinking it but the vocal were okay.

Andrew Garcia - Blogger ate my review and I can't remember what he sang - 866-436-5705 - I can tell you that Lacey is breathing a sigh of relief because Andrew sucked. The only judge that didn't think so was Ellen. Surprise!

I'm going to try to catch up during the commercial breaks but I'm WAY behind now. Thanks, Blogger.

Blogger is still acting up.

Katie Stevens - "Wild Horses" - 866-436-5706 - I don't like her. She should have went home last week We should be listening to Lilly right now. Anyway, she sings like she old. I think she would make "Tik Tok" sound old. She does strike a good Idol pose at the end! Randy thinks she sang the song very well. Ellen calls the start pitchy but that she got it together and sounded good. I think Kara should wear blue next week. Simon thinks she picked a strong song but didn't like the second half of the arrangement.

Tim Urban - "Under My Thumb" - 866-436-5707 - That was a STRANGE arrangement but I think I kinda liked it. It was different. Had almost a Bob Marley feel to it. I don't know of any one else will like it but it was better than Andrew. Randy didn't get it. Ellen gets the idea but didn't think it worked. And blow her hair straight. Simon says it didn't work. I think with VFTW backing, he'll make it to next week. Plus he's cute! That doesn't hurt!

Siobhan Magnus - "Paint It Black" - 866-436-5708 - I liked the beginning but when it speed up, she didn't. She still made it seem like a slow song. OMG!! She hit some HORRIBLE notes at the end! I'm not even sure those were notes. Holy Crap! That was just weird and not good. Randy calls it hot. Ellen loves everything. WTF are the judges on?? Crack??? Simon calls it the standout performance of the night. Am I taking crazy pills?!?!

Lee DeWyse - "Beast of Burden" - 866-436-5709 - I wish he wasn't quite so much of a mush-mouth. I like him but he's no David Cook. He forgot some of the word too. He'll make it to next week. Randy "You Know What I Love" Jackson says it was dope. Ellen that everything great but that she was expecting more. I know a good stylist out there, Kara. Call me. Simon really like him but thinks he doesn't shine.

If you don't watch Glee, you should! Trust me.

Paige Miles - "Honky Tonk Woman" - 866-436-5710 - I hate it when contestant change the lyrics to make it "gender appropriate". Oh! She's the Honky Tonk Woman. Really? And what the hell is she wearing? I think I made something like that in 7th grade. I got an "A" in Home-Ec that year. Randy thinks she did alright. Ellen thinks she has star quality. Kara's top is still driving me nuts. Simon didn't know that Paige has been struggling with her voice this week. Does he know nothing of Twitter? I knew.

Aaron Kelly - "Angie" - 866-436-5711 - I know one person who is enjoying this (Hi, Angie)! What happened to his hair? It's like a reverse Alfalfa. I'm not buying it. This was boring. I hope he leaves soon. I miss Alex! Randy thinks he was born to sing. Ellen thinks his hair looks like hers. Simon thinks he picked the right song.

Crystal Bowersox - "Can't Always Get What You Want" - 866-436-5712 - BEST OF THE NIGHT! Winner! I'll be buying this tomorrow. Me Likey! Randy loves her and she didn't disappoint. Ellen calls it effortless. "No one should think. Remember that kids!" I think I'll just blog Ellen's one-liners since she loves everybody. Simon thinks that Siobhan beat her. Wait until Simon watches the show back. Siobhan was scary!

My money is on Lacey to go home but it should be Andrew for stinking upi the joint (and not going home last week so Alex could stay). What are your thoughts?

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I see you've predicted a Crystal/Mike finale. I think Crystal will get eliminated in fourth or fifth place because of the politics of the voting blocs. As the season wears on, I don't see Crystal getting new voters, where some of the girls who are splitting votes now (Katie, Didi and Lacey) will see one bloc consolidating behind a single singer who will be carried further.

Yeah, you're taking the crazy pills (re: Siobhan). :) But your comments about Kara are spot on!! And Paige was wearing a butt-ugly outfit.

- Lady C


Loved the running commentary on Kara's top!! Very funny.

I forgot to mention in my recap that Kara looked like she just woke up. Has that bitch ever heard of a comb? If she was going for sexy bed head, it didn't work.

Don't agree with all of your critiques, but I won't complain since you totally pimped me early on. ;)


I'll arm wrestle you for Casey.... hahaha