Vacation Eve Post - AC, here we come!  

Before the blogging begins, we lost another star I grew up with. Corey Haim OD'd this morning. I felt he was the better for the two Corey and he will be missed. I always watch Silver Bullet and The Lost Boys whenever they are on. Let this be a(nother) lesson, kids. Drugs are BAD! Even if they aren't illegal.

It's a man's least tonight. The show's only an hours tonight (thank goodness). I needed the extra time to pack. Speaking of packing, did I mention we're moving! I'm so excited (still)! I signed the lease today and gave her the money. I found out that our new apartment is already occupied by THREE GHOSTS! One of them is Charlie, the bank robber. Maybe he'll tell me where he hid the loot!

I'm not going to be able to blog tomorrow night. We're going out of town and I'm NOT taking our laptop. At least that's what I'm telling myself now. I may change my mind tomorrow but, for now, I'm going on vacation from everything (I even planted 3 day crops on my FarmVille).

On to the show. The songs for tonight have leaked and, if the list is true, Lee has picked a current song that I HATE! It's that damn Owl City song. I change the station every time it comes on. HATE HATE HATE! I'd have to say that Owl City is right up there with Rush on my "Music I Hate" list.

Lee "Geez Louise" Dewyze - "Fireflies" -
1-866-436-5701 - Yeap, he's singing that horrible song. I will have to say I do like his version better than the Owl City one. It was mercifully short but that didn't give me enough time to turn my hate into like. I think he's trying for a David Cook vibe but he's just not as good as David. Sorry, Lee. I'm just stating the facts. Randy calls it a strange song choice but he made it work. Ellen calls he out on the pitch problems but she thought it was great. Kara thinks he looked confident and thinks he made the song a better song. Simon says there's nothing to rave about but is glad that he's here.

Alex "Love My Mullet" Lambert - "Trouble" -
1-866-436-5702 - Well, I'm not sure what to say about that. I really like him. He makes me smile. He sounded good and I really liked the middle but I thought he just seemed stiff and timid. I'm still voting for him. Randy thinks it was a good song choice but wasn't wowed. Ellen boos Randy and calls Alex a mushy banana and says he's getting better each week. No one like a cocky banana. Kara says he's still stiff (damn, I'm channeling Kara tonight). Simon thinks he needs to relax and imagine Randy in a bikini.

Tim "This is My Last Show" Urban - "Hallelujah" -
1-866-436-5703 - This another song I really don't like. I think it's over done on Idol. Tim is okay but I'm not wowed (thanks, Randy). However, it is his best to date. Randy called it a great song and thinks he did a pretty good job. Ellen calls it fantastic and runs and give him a hug. Kara thinks he's in it now and she was feeling it. Simon calls it a smart song choice and calls it Tim's strongest performance. VTFW is contemplating changing their pick! WOW!

Andrew "Straight-up" Garcia - "Genie In A Bottle" -
1-866-436-5704 - This is just disturbing. The neck tattoo do NOT work with this song. I really don't want to think about anyone rubbing him. He just might be a one trick pony. I'm sure the judges will love it, at least Ellen will. Randy says it didn't work and was pitchy. Ellen thought it was great (go figure). Kara thinks he peaked so earlier and was disappointed with this performance. Simon is with Kara and calls it desperate. WOW! Only Ellen liked it.

Casey "Kara wants to Jump Me" James - "You'll Think Of Me" -
1-866-436-5705 - He was arrested for DWI back in 2001. I saw the mug shot. I'm not blown away. He's good but he didn't make me melt. Randy calls it a safe choice and thinks he should be more edgy. Ellen thought it was....great! Kara says she's kinda back on the "Casey train"...She WISHES! Simon calls it his second best of the show.

Can we have some one NOT play the guitar? Oh good! Arron is going at it without a guitar.

Aaron "I'm only 16" Kelly - "I'm Already There" -
1-866-436-5706 -The beginning is shaky and garbled. He picks it up at the chorus but it's just alright Karaoke. Maybe he should have played the guitar. The ending was much better. He might have just done enough to save himself. Randy thinks the start was bad as well bout overall, job well done. Ellen reminds us that he's just 16. I think I'm getting tired of Ellen but she did end by saying that she didn't really like it and getting a boo. Is that a first? Kara thinks it was a bad song choice because it's about a dad calling home and talking to his son and Aaron is only 16. Simon thinks that what Kara just said was rubbish and thinks it was a nice song.

Todrick "I cheat kids out of their parents money" Hall - "Somebody to Love" -
1-866-436-5707 - He started out WAY too high. Doesn't he watch Glee? They KILLED this song. Didn't he do another Glee song two weeks ago. I'm going to say that this performance was the worst of the night and that he will be leaving us tomorrow. Randy thinks Todrick is back and calls it the best vocal in weeks by a man?!?! What the hell is in his Coke cup? Maybe it was better in person. Ellen calls him brave. Kara thinks it was really good singing. Randy then says it was like Glee?!?! WTF?!? Am I just way off here? Was that good or bad? I thought it was bad. Simon thinks it was good in parts and thinks he's a Broadway singer.

Michael "My Wife had a Baby, Remember" Lynche
- "This Woman's Work" - 1-866-436-5708 - Oh boy. He just is not the type of singer that I generally like. I didn't recognize the song so it was hard for me to follow the words the way he sang them. All the notes seemed like they went on forever which makes it hard for me to understand what's going on. I'm also not keen on the way he moves around the stage. It seem to theatrical to me. Randy calls it dope. Ellen calls it so beautiful. Kara cried and says it's because she's a woman without children. See, I have no idea why she said that because I couldn't understand what he was singing. Simon hugs Kara and says this performance was so needed and he 100% nailed it and calls it the best performance of the season. Whatever.

I have no clue who's going home. I think Michael and Casey are safe and maybe Tim but everyone else is in play. I'm voting for my little Alex! Who are you voting for? And can someone explain to me what's so great about Michael?

I'll leave you with this pic from That Will Buff Out.

How in the world did THAT happen?

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who wasn't feeling Michael's performance as much as the judges. I thought it was good, but nowhere near the best of the Semifinals. A quick look around the internet tells me I'm not the only one who thought Todrick was overpimped too.

I think Alex will be safe. It seems like everyone likes him on the blogs I read. I even threw him a few votes. I hope Andrew's ugly mug departs our screens for good tomorrow night!