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Happy St. Patty's day to you all! I wonder who will have the luck of the Irish and who will get chased out with the snakes. It will all happen right before your eyes in a mind numbing, one hour results show. Why can't they put these things back to 30 minutes?

As always, I'll be posting at commercial breaks so don't go away!

If this show gets too long for you and you get bored, check out one of my favorite sites: That Will Buff Out (the above pic is from their site). Blogger was acting up too much last night for me to do a random post at the end so you get it now!

Well, I got my pop corn ready and I'm ready for the show! Let's go!

OMG! Did I just see that Ke$ha is going to be on the show?!?!?! *sarcasm on* What a role model for singers!! *sarcasm off* I have to admit and TiK ToK is catchy. I was just singing it to myself when I was cooking dinner tonight. Speaking of dinner. Since we're moving, I'm trying to eat food that I already have so we don't have to move it. I'm not sure my I'm doing that because we're hiring movers but oh well. It makes for interesting meals. Tonight I had Lil' Smokies and sugar free pudding.

WHAT?!?! They're doing the Judges' Save this year! Holy Crap!

David Cook in the house!!!! This is good but why is he doing the Stones? Shouldn't he be doing one of his songs? And where is the group sing? I want my cheese!

WTF!! The Group Sing is an Idol INSTITUTION! You switch back and forth between formats, you add a fourth judge, you bring back the Judges' Save, you replace Paula and now you're getting rid of the Group Sing! HOW DARE YOU, IDOL!!!!! How dare you!!!! This just might be the last straw!

Oh Great! You get rid of the Group Sing but KEEP the cheesy Ford video?!? Yeah, that's fair.

The stools of death are still there and waiting for three butts to fill them. Paige is up first and she is in the bottom three! I thought for sure she'd get the sympathy vote. Lee is next and he is safe. Siobhan is safe. Aaron is next and the little kid is safe. Andrew and Tim are called to stand together. After the recap of the two contestants it's Tim that is in the bottom three.

Orianthi is a strange name but I like this song. I'm into lyrics more than anything so, if a song has good lyrics (or funny lyrics), I pretty much like it. I'm simple that way.

Didi stands and is safe after endless jabbering. Crystal is ... OMG! EVERYONE, STOP TALKING Katie is ... What the hell is this? Bore-America-to-Tears day? STFU!! ... safe. Big Mike is ... I'm not gong to do the blog like this next week. I'm waiting until 8:30 to start that way I won't have to sit through this CRAP! It's done to Casey and Lacey. Well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out who's in the bottom three. Casey is safe and Lacey is not. Ryan didn't even BOTHER recapping Lacey's performance. You let Didi and Crystal gibber jabber and then HOSE Lacey. Man, this show is sucking.

OMG!!!!!! They just sent TIM back to safety!!!

GO VFTW!!!!!

TiK ToK is okay but this song SUCKS!!!! WTF is with the TV sets?!?!

It's down to Paige and Lacey and it's Lacey hitting the road. See you later, Lacey.

They get to pick their exit song?!?! What is this new, crazy world? I'm not sure I like it.

Will the judges use that stupid Save? NOPE! Adios, Lacey!

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WHAT THE F' WAS THAT PIECE OF TRASH! She didn't even sing. The only parts that weren't a bunch of squacking were so synthasized you can't even tell if it's her. That is possibly the worst song I have ever heard in my life! Ke$ha ... I can see the beginning of the end for you my dear!

I had to mute the TV while Didi was running her yap. I don't know if she was just nervous or what, but her singing voice annoys me and her talking voice is almost as irritating as Archuleta's.

I don't believe it! When I was coming up with potential post titles I came up with "Get Off My Cloud (or At Least My TV)." We're thinking alike again!