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I will Be attempting to Blog without the use of some of my keys. I Came home yesterday and started up my laptop only to find that some of the keys weren't working. I only have one working shift and control key and the following keys can't Be used: B C X 1 and the comma. That also means NO EXCLAMATION MARK. So tonight I will use the dollar sign "$" as an exclamation mark. I am attempting to use a Combination of copy & paste and spell Check. Wish me luck$$$$

I'll post after each contestant so if you live on the west Coast and don't want to know what happens before it airs out there go away...then Come Back to see what I thought and to share yours$

Here we go$ So far it's the same as every other year. Ryan starts the show then introduces the girls then says hi to the guys. He tells us that 2 guys and 2 girls will go home on Thursday for three weeks until we have the top twelve. Say hi to the judges. Ryan talks to all the judges and Ellen is pretty entertaining$ Well I thought it was pretty funny. Ryan asked her why she was sitting away from Simon and she had this whole story of how Simon wants her complete with a made up video.

Paige Miles - "It's alright now" - 866-436-5701 - I really think she piked the wrong song$ If you're first you need to pick something that is going to let you really show your skills. This song wasn't it. In the beginning she seemed very low-key and low energy. I had high hopes for her But I'm not sure if we'll see here again. Simon says she has the Best voice of the girls But wouldn't have chosen that song But he thinks she'll Be safe. Kara thinks she slayed it. Randy agrees with Both Simon and Kara Because he hasn't had an original thought in the history of AI. Ellen thinks she pulled if off. Ryan makes Paige tell America that she has had to pee for 5 hours.

Ashley Rodriguez - "Happy" - 866-436-5702 - She's very pretty. Boy she is shaking her head a lot. I'm not sure if I didn't like her or didn't like the song. So far this is not shaping up to Be a good year. I hope the net girl Brings it$ Kara give her Credit for taking on a Big song. Randy couldn't really see "her" in that song. Ellen wants her to do something risky. Simon thought it was clumsy (is he purposely using words that contain letters that I can't use$?$?$?$).

That new Old Spice Commercial is making me LOL out loud$$

MORE SNOW$$$$$$$$$$$ WTF??????????

Janell Wheeler - "What About Love" - 866-436-5703 - WOW$ I think there might Be something wrong with me Because I'm not liking this either. It's very Karaoke. She has a good voice But there wasn't anything new and exciting about this performance. Randy knocks the song Choice. Ellen likes her and liked it. Simon says she gave it one hundred percent effort and delivered 65 percent and knocks her song Choice too. Kara thinks it was a Bad song too.

Lilly Scott - "Fixing a Hole" - 866-436-5704 - Finally$$$ She was different and interesting. I really thought she did a good job. I don't know the song so I think that helped. Ellen says "I think that's what we're talking about." She loved it. Simon Calls her the Best so far But says he doesn't feel the star power. Kara Calls her Believable and Comfortable. Randy likes that she's REALLY an Indie artist and not just a sound-a-like like past Idol contestants. Woo Hoo$$ Lilly teases Ryan about his shortness. LOLz

Katelyn Epperly - "Oh Darling" - 866-436-5705 - I'm going to tell you all right now that I don't really like her. She's rubbed me the wrong way sine her audition. She's doing well darn it$ Simon thought it was messy But he likes her and thought it was rave. Kara says she knows her voice very well and thought she switched it up. Kara doesn't like the make over. Randy thinks the thing on her head is nice. Randy likes her tone and vie. Ellen thinks she has a great voice But thinks it felt pushed.


Haeley Vaughn - "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" - 866-436-5706 - OMG$ She's only sixteen$$ They picked her over Angela Martin? Whatever. I didn't dig all of it But I will have to say (in the word of Simon) she showed moments of Brilliance. Kara says she was all over the place But she had fun. Randy Calls her unpredictable. Ellen thinks she shines. Simon says it was verging on terrible and was a mess.

Lacey Brown - "Landslide" - 866-436-5707 - I'm not sure about this one. I think most people are going to hate it. Very few will Be on the fence with me. Randy says it was an amazing song But doesn't think it was right for her. He Called it terrible. Ellen agreed with Randy. Simon Called it depressing and Boring. Kara thinks it was a Bad song Choice. I hope America votes for her.

Michelle Delamor - "Falling" - 866-436-5708 - She's a good singer But she's just not exciting to me. I think I would Call this Cruise ship. Ellen thinks she was great But thinks she Can do Better. Simon Calls her a professional singer But didn't have a "wow" moment. (I agree with Simon.) Kara Calls her Commercial. Randy thinks she has more in her.

Didi Benami - "The Way I Am" - 866-436-5709 - I think she's sang this Before. I like her But I would have liked to hear her sing something else. Simon thinks there are too many people tonight trying to sound like other singers. Boring is the word for the night. Kara says she Changed the song (huh??). Randy wants to know where the star factor is (me too). Ellen thinks it was low-key.

Siobhan Magnus - "Wicked Game" - 866-436-5710 - I really like this song But I think the music needed to Be a little louder. She started the song too low and (after that) it felt too polished. Like she's sang it a thousand times. Kara says she kinda liked it and Calls her quirky. Randy thinks she has a great voice. Ellen loved everything about it. Simon Calls her a funny little thing.

Crystal BowersoX - "Hand In My Pocket" - 866-436-5711 - I think the harmonica might have Been a Bad Choice. The only have about a minute to sing and she used some of that time to show us she an play the harmonica. I think she was entertaining But she sounded a lot like the original. Randy loves the honesty of her and he likes her. Ellen thinks that she adds something fresh to the show. Simon likes her and likes her story But she wasn't very original with the song (sound-a-like). She needs to Be careful with the talking during judges comments. America doesn't really like that. Kara likes it Better when she Builds her performance.

Katie Stevens - "Feeling Good" - 866-436-5712 - She was got an excellent voice. I'm not sure if I would have picked this song. Okay. I wouldn't have. I don't like MiChael BuBle. I wasn't wowed But she'll make it to the top twelve I Bet. Ellen thinks it was good But it was very serious and Ellen wants her to Be young. Simon agree with Ellen and goes over the top and Calls it annoying. Kara doesn't think she killed the song and Calls her pitchy. Randy thinks she was pushing too hard and going sharp.

Well. Who did you like? I'm thinking that my favorite was Lilly.

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With your busted keyboard, you post like I text!

Hope you get it fixed soon!

I hate broken keyboards! They're so annoying!

I thought Lilly, Katelyn, Siobhan, Crystal and Michelle were all good. I doubt I'll ever buy a CD from any of them, but based on tonight's performances I'd put them on top.

To me, Crystal, Michelle and Lilly were the class of the night. Siobhan, Katie, Didi and Katelyn were in the second tier and everyone else is in danger of getting whacked.