WOW! Look at that icicle!  

I know, it has nothing to do with American Idol last night but it is more interesting! I was so bored with the show last night. It was a TON of recapping and then they revealed 7 of the top 24 while kicking a few sob stories to the curb.

For those of you that missed it, here's who got in and who got the big ol' boot in da' butt!

1. Big Mike (Micheal Lynche) - IN - He's the guy whose wife gave birth during Hollywood week. He's good but nothing outstanding, at least to me.

2. Didi Benami - IN - New sob story for her, her best friend past away. I like her. I may throw some votes her way.

3. Katelyn Epperly - IN - Her parents got a d-i-v-o-r-c-e! OMG! Sorry, but that's a pretty week sob story if you ask me. I also think that mole right in between her eyes is going to bug me. Sometimes, people just rub me the wrong way and I get bitchy.

4. Shelby Dressel - OUT - She's the one that has partial facial paralysis. I really didn't think she'd make it this far. She's didn't seem ready for it.

5. Casey James - IN - Guitar playing dude with the blond hair that Kara likes. If Kara drools over him too much, I think he might lose votes.

6. Aaron Kelly - IN - OMG! He's only 16!! Unlike David Archiletta, I like this kid! I think he's got a great tone to his voice. I hope his age (or lack there of) doesn't bite him in the ass!

7. Lee Dewyse (pronounced DE-Wise) - IN - I'm thinking I could like this guy but he should be careful to not become David Cook V2.010.

GLEE BREAK!! Did you SEE the preview for the next show?!?! OMG! I can't wait! Hubby got me season 1 for Valentine's Day. I almost didn't blog at all and watched that instead. Best line from the preview was by my girl Britney (who tried out for So You Think You Can Dance and was a back-up dancer for Beyonce): "That sweater makes her look home-schooled." BAWHAHA!

8. Todrick Hall - IN - He's kinda funny in his video package. They "Broke" the news to him kinda funny. They just said "Yes".

9. Jessica Ferney - OUT - Poor girl begged.

That was all last night, now onto tonight!

OH! BTW, grubby looking, annoying Mary didn't make it.

1. Janell Wheeler - IN - I really like her voice! I'm glad they kept her. OH! She used to sell wine. Yummy!

2. Tyler Grady - IN - WOW! I forgot he was still here. Hint to all Idols: DON'T SING ABOUT GOING HOME...EVER!

3. Lacey Brown - IN - She's done this before. She lost out to the bird girl (Megan Joy). Simon drags it out but she made it.

4. Ashley Rodriguez - IN - She must be REALLY boring or she did something to piss off someone high up in Idol. We see NOTHING of her. Just her reaction to making it.

5. Alex "Not Adam" Lambert - IN - He got the shaft as well but I do remember in was in Mary's group. Oh! And that he's not Adam!

6. Joe Munoz - IN - but no video package.

7. Crystal "Mama Sox" Bowersox - IN - She REALLY needs to stop smoking and bleach her teeth. Yikes! I really like her voice! I hope America will keep her around for awhile.

8. Katie Stevens - IN - Her grandma has Alzheimer's. That disease SUCKS!

9, 10, 11, and 12 all get the boot and don't even get their names on TV. Nice. One of them was the girl that wore different, strange glasses every time I saw her. I was hoping to see more of her. She kinda reminded me of Sara Jessica Parker and Sara Silverman.

13. Angela Martin - She has been dubbed "The Unluckiest Girl in the World" By Beckeye over at ThePopeye and boy was she right! Read her sad tale of woe here. They even put her in the 13th spot! And they have Kara give her the boot. They couldn't have let Ellen break it to her? Or Simon? Anyone but Kara! I think Ryan is worried about her BIG TIME. I think I like Ryan a little more for that.

14. Lilly Scott - IN - I like her voice as well but not her hair! Quick! Somebody call Kim Vo!

15. Paige Miles - IN - but no info.

16. Siobhan Magnus - IN - No video for you!

17. Michelle Delamor - IN - nada

18. Jermaine Sellers - IN - Nothing for you either! He did get a hug from Simon.

19. John Park - IN - They don't like him much either.

20 and 21. Haeley Vaughn and Tori Kelly - After a ton of back and forth between the two of them (not given the news at the same time this year) Haeley is in and Tori is out.

I think they skipped a bunch of people. Shouldn't there have been like 48 people for them to pick from? I count 32 (with the next two).

22. Thaddeus Johnson - OUT - Despite the support of his mama, Thaddeus didn't make it, Jose did. I hated seeing him cry and he cried A LOT! He went into the bathroom stall WITH HIS MOTHER!

23. Andrew Garcia- IN - I really love his version of "Straight Up"! I'm glad he made it. He needs new spectacles. Turns out Andrews cries a lot too! But these were tears of joy!

There you go! The top 24. The girls go first on Tuesday and then the guys on Wednesday with results on Thursday.

HEY! I missed one? How did that happen?? Tim "Not Keith" Urban is in too. Where was I when they let him in?

Anyway, do you have a favorite yet?

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That's some icicle!

I don't have a favorite yet. I'll probably throw John Park a few votes (unless he's so bad I can't justify it) because he's from Northbrook, IL, where I used to live, but other than that I'll probably vote for whoever I like best based on their performances. There's no shame in the meritocratic approach, right?


I want to pronounce Lee Dewyze like Geez Louise.

I like Casey, even though the shirt removal scene was a little disturbing I have to agree he is cute Cute CUTE! And his singing is cool, too :)


I Love that, Betsy!!! Do you mind if I steal it??

Wasn't Jermaine Sellers the guy who went diva ripped the band after the final performance (while Kara was rightfully muttering, "Don't throw the bnad under the bus . . .")?

If that was him, I think he's a jackass to begin with.