It's a guy's least tonight  

The new keyboard will be coming in on Monday. I'm hoping that it's something easy to do so I can do it myself. Otherwise; I might not be able to blog next week$$$$

As a reminder; a "$" = exclamation mark and (this is new) ";" will be standing in for the comma

I'll post after each contestant so; if you live on the west coast and don't want to know what happens before it airs out there; go away...then come back to see what I thought and to share yours$


I just lost over 30 minutes of writing$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I'm done$$$$$$$$

I'm not doing this until I get this thing working right. The unders_ores are the letters that don't work on my key_oard.

Re_ap will _e short and sweet.

Todri_k = SU_KED

Aaron = VERY nervous. Not good. _etter than Todri_k.

Jermaine = he's singing a stupid song that I hate. Then he was s_reaming. YU_K. Su_ked.

Tim Ur_an = Oh _oy. Tonight is going as well for the guys as last night went for the girls. YIKES$

Please read this _log _y Tim Ur_an from The Apprentice. First this one then this one. Love it$$ He may not have anything to worry a_out.

Joe = _est so far. He should feel good a_out that$$

Tyler = is annoying$$$ He thinks he is all that _ut he is not. I didn't like it. Indulgent.

Lee = Mostly good _ut a num_er of _um notes. I like him. Geez Louise

John = Why the hell did he pi_k this song? YU_K$

Mi_heal = Meh. Not impress _ut not horrified.

Ale_ = A little nasally _ut not the worst of the night. I think he'll make it past this week.

LOL. Ellen _ompares him to a _ananna and tells him to hang onto the mullet$$$

_asey = Despite the Kara _rap; he's the est of the far. Andrew _ould _low him away.

Andrew = He was good _ut _asey was the _est of the night. That's not saying mu_h.


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Monday? Are you on a mac? Go down to Best Buy or whatever and pick up a $10 keyboard. Get a $4 mouse while you're at it. Its always good to have a spare.

I lurve your keyless posts!

Agreed. Casey was the best of the night.