Hoorah for Hollywood!  

It's here! It's here! It's Hollywood week!!!! I'm hoping that the bad taste the auditions left in my mouth will be washed away by Ellen's funny goodness! A girl can dream, can't she?

I like the first girl up - Katie. I'll have to check with Rickey.org to see if she made it. I'm glad they kicked Skiiboski to the curb. Okay, this is taking too long. After 10 minutes, we've only seen two people sing. I'll give it another chance.

Loved the dude that did Paula's "Straight Up"!! Here's the video:
That's what I've been waiting for! I have a favorite! Go Andrew!!! Ellen did the patented Paula Seal Clap! Well, the rest of day one wasn't near as good as Andrew but it was WAY better than the auditions! Some familiar faces made it through and some went home. On to day two!

Lily starts day two off with a bang. I'll have to check to see if she makes it. Casey James rocked out as well. As Randy would say "We got a hawt one!!!!" Didi is one to watch out for as well. Great voice! Crystal rocked it out too! It could be a girl's year.

If you made it to Hollywood week and didn't make the top whatever, would you want to leave on the first day or the last day? I'm not sure which would be worse, to show up in Hollywood just to leave the same day or to give it your all for a week only to be THAT CLOSE to making it. What do you think?

PS - Take a peek at my snow pics from the weekend:

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Andrew is definitely my favorite too! I already feel like he is WINNING!!! GO ANDREW!!!

btw Jon worked with Todrick on Oz the Musical (Todrick wrote and directed).

Casey James? Bah. I just don't get it. Decent voice, but they acted like he was sex on a stick. And we all know the sex on a stick title still belongs to Michael Johns. Yes, still.