Week four hundred of Idol auditions  

This week in the land of Idol, auditions were show from LA and Dallas. LA had guest judges Avrial Levine and the most awesome Katy Perry. Dallas had a Jonas brother (I don't know which is which. Okay, I don't know any of their first names.) and the most awesome Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris)!

I didn't like Avrial (take note that I don't care enough about her to find out how to spell her name) but I loved Katy! She seemed to see right through Kara and her ass kissing ways. Her best comment to Kara was "This isn't a Lifetime movie, sweetheart." You tell her, Katy!

As far as talent goes in LA, I didn't see anything worth talking about except the first audition. It was a BAD one. Here's some back story, for those of you that don't know, the auditions don't really take place over two days. The first part takes two days then, the people that are picked to go in front of the judges come back about a week later. They are asked to wear the same clothes they wore the week before. This is to make everyone think that the judges are actually there the entire time during the auditions. Well, they must not have told the first guy not to cut his hair either. They cut between takes of him with long hair and him with short hair. Too funny!

Dallas is much like LA except with NPH and Simon taking the place of Katy and Kara. Here's the recap: a billion percent yes, that was horrible, I liked you, you have a good story, you should sing, that is what my nightmares look like, I can't believe you're only 16!

Neil Patrick Harris was wonderful...and that's all I got.

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Didn't watch either night. I think this is a sign of the apocalypse.