A million percent yes!  

Yes, this is the most boring season of Idol ever. I sure hope it picks up during Hollywood week.

Yesterday was Chicago. According to the intro, people in Chicago say the f-word all the time. Turns out, not so much. Since when does Chicago have palm trees? That was about the most interesting thing about last night. That and the fact that Shania Twain got so nervous once that she peed herself.

Tonight is not much different. I was hoping that Kristen Chenoweth would liven things up but not so much. It was confirmed that Kara is a fame whore. If she could have crawled up Kristen's ass, she would have. And why in the hell did they let the guy that split his pants through to Hollywood? What were they thinking? Complete waste of time and money.

How much more of this do we have to go through?

One more thing, I will continue to bitch about the auditions, get used to it. Love ya!

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Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch. :)

These auditions are 23zillion percent sucky.

This was the first audition show I watched this season (slow TV night) but I was really disappoint - scratch that. I was really annoyed with the "girl-fest" of Kara and Kristin and the performances were more of the same - delusional and crappy. Seeing the guy led out in handcuffs was interesting but that will just encourage more of that behavior.

No wonder Simon is leaving the show - its become too much of a joke.