Hot-lanta in the house!  

Last night was pretty much the same as the night before except with different accents. Instead of taking the "caaa to the baaa" were jumping off bridges "ya'll"!

I did find someone to root for last night. South Dakota girl!! Let me see if I can find her name...
Mallorie Haley - 20 - Winner, SD - MJ (from MJ's Big Blog) called her the best of the night and I HAVE to agree! Us South Dakota girls have to stick together.

Other then that, there was an annoy guy that calls himself "Skii Bo Ski". He made it to Hollywood but I doubt he'll make it past the first day.

And how could I forget the General with that instant classic "Pants on the Ground"? Let's hope the message hits home with the younger generation (us old farts do not want to see your underwear).

One final note, was it just me or did it seem like Kara was trying to become Mary J.'s new BFF? And did anyone else catch Mary J.'s mispronunciation of "congeniality"?

Until Tuesday, goodbye ya'll!

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That Mallorie chick was OK. I just don't see her as anything special though. All of these contestants are the same to me. I'm just glad that there haven't been any Glambert clones though.