Hello.....Is there anybody out there??  

I know, It's been a LOOOOOOOOONG time since I posted anything but it's time for American Idol so it's time to dust everything off and get ready to blog. I've had to change the look of this blog because the blue jean look I had going last year didn't load for me anymore. I'm not super excited about the new look but it will do for now.

Idol kicked off it's new season last night with Boston Auditions. Oh boy. Can I tell you how much I dislike this part of the show? It's boring and they spend more time on the people that can't sing than the ones that can. I heard there are people in America that only watch this part of the show but I don't believe it.

There were a few good singers shown last night but it's too early to get attached to anyone. There was a girl in a blue top that I'll be keeping my eye out for but that's about it.

Since nothing mush happens during this round, except for making fun of the socially/mentally awkward, I'm not going to post too much. But I'll be back with full recaps when Hollywood Week starts!

Who's with me?

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Hello, I'm here. :)