DTV switch  

Can I just say how SICK I am of hearing about how confusing the analog to digital TV switch is. Are we a bunch of morons? It's not rocket science!

How hard it is to figure out that if you get your TV the old fashion way, with an antenna, you're screwed. If you have cable or satellite, you're fine.

Someone I know still thinks that everyone in America has to new TVs. I tried to explain to him that the overload on the landfills alone would be astronomically. He would not be convinced.

I hate the commercials. I hate the news stories. I hate the undercover, hidden camera reports. I hate it all!

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I hate it all, too - enough already! They've made it a way bigger deal that it has to be. But actually the guy at the cable company told me yesterday that even if you use an antennae you'll still get a signal IF you have a newer HD TV....

This is funny. My Dad's asked me about this at least 5 times in the past year. Like the person you're referring to, Kristi, my father just can't seem to accept that it's not going to affect him.