Auditions - Round two  

This show seemed meaner than the first. Maybe two hours of making fun of people is all I can handle.

Kara didn't sing last night. If she had, she would have been the best of the night.

I also use the term "Sweetie" a lot, like Kara. I think I'm going to try to stop doing it. I didn't realize that it can sound so condescending.

Jason Castro still looks like John Travolta and his brother...DOES NOT. He was near as cute as Jason.

I think the big thing I learned last night was that the auditions should NOT be watched in HDTV. The teeth! The makeup! Oh My! The fuzzier the better from now on!

How did you like it?

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Yay- you're still blogging Idol! I haven't checked since last season and I am glad to know the classics are still around.
I too got the vibe that the second audition night was meaner. I hope the stop the slide. I hate it when they make me feel dirty. (The kid wearing the "best vocalization in elementary school" medal and singing love songs to his grandma? Ouch...


I loved Jason, but i have to say, I think his brother is a better singer. He's cute, too, but the drag-queen pink hairdo is just ugly and distracting. I haven't been able to watch the shows except what I can find on youtube (before they take them right back off for copyright infringement) but it seems like there are a lot of good singers this time. Makes you wonder HOW they ever ended up with that god awful Season six.


Hey Betsy,

You're right on with the hair. I couldn't really pay attention to anything else. He did sound good but I thought it was more of an imitation rather than an original sound.

Glad you stopped by!!!

Sanjaya remains the most entertaining part of Season 6! Is anyone from that season doing much of anything?



thanks for the link to MJ's blog - where I got to see videos of a lot of the auditions, and a list to keep it organized. VERY helpful, especially to those of us who are hanging onto our TV antennaes until the last minute and FOX is too fuzzy to watch. (Actually, thanks to Idol, I called the cable guy yesterday and will be able to watch Idol in crisp, clear color starting Wednesday of next week!)